Sipho Makhabane’s show canceled: Fans go angry


The National Product Magazine 5th anniversary show on Friday where South African celebrated gospel artist Sipho Makhabane was meant to perform failed to take place because the organizers had not booked the Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC), Malawi24 can report.

According to reports that Malawi24 has, the fans that had gone to the venue for the show were held up with nothing happening with the reports emerging that the organizers had not made any initial agreements with the owners of the place about holding the event.


Sipho-Makhabane worried..

Makhabane was seen at the venue with other local acts scheduled to perform at the event.

The organizers are reportedly planning to compensate the fans that bought the tickets, reports that we are yet to verify.

Fans had been heard landing insults on the organizers for failing to making on the core arrangements of an event of that calibre which was booking the venue.

Local media reports are qouting Makhabane as having said that he has been let down with the development.

Makhabane arrived in Malawi on Thursday.

Initially, Steve Chinyamula who is Executive Director of the National Product Magazine told Malawi24 that all was set for the show.

It is not known whether the show will be scheduled for another day or not.

(More to come)



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  3. Any Mother Fathers Must Fall For Bad Behaviour Which Is Not Good To The Nation. Sipho Makhabane Is Big Boss Why You Make Him Imbecile Like He From Poor Country? Zimenezo Ndiye Zautsiru. Anthu Amakana Utsiruwo

  4. The problem is that now adays everyone want to be an organiser of an event. Yet they have no expertise of managing such big events…… Some of us better go back home and start organising birthday parties before we venture in big events like those…… #My_Opinion

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