MANEB under fire over delayed PSLCE results

Malawi Students seating for Examination

An education expert Benedicto Kondowe has faulted the Malawi National Examination Board (MANEB) for delaying to release results for the Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSCLE) examinations.

The development comes at a time when some parents in Malawi have expressed dismay over MANEB’s delay to release the results as the next academic year is set to start on September 5.

Benedeicto Kondowe
Kondowe: Slams MANEB.

The parents argued that the delay is to affect planning of fees and other requirements as children are to join the secondary level of Malawi education system.

Reacting on matter, Kondowe who is also the executive director for Civil Society Education Coalition said the delay has a negative impact on the curriculum saying that teachers will not be able to complete the syllabus.

“You have the results not yet released when the new academic year is starting on 5th, this is not acceptable, MANEB must realize that exams results are released in an established schedule,” said Kondowe.

He then demanded that the examinations body should release the results next week ahead of the opening date of Malawi schools across the country.

MANEB spokesperson Simeon Maganga is reported to have chosen not to give a word on the delay of the results.



  1. Aaaaaaa monse muja sanatululebe mpaka ana atsegulila sxul.kodi simu.amalize kuchonga ?? osangonena bwanj kuti atuluka.liti ,tatopa ndikudikilatu ife aaaa zopusa basi says:
  2. MANEB …what does it do apart from cheating teachers? Koma pano MANEB really nose diving.Our gavamenti seems never to care. Who owns Malawi..leaders or citizens?

  3. And you can see from whatever they do,,,,I think its not their problem I believe someone is wronging them. I know maneb and have never let me down since I started working with them

  4. Ben Kondowe is right. This delay will have far reaching negative implications than meets the eye. Its NOT about B Kondowe, rather it is for the benefit of the nation that results be released in time. We only have a WEEK before schools open.

    Parents ought to know the next destination for their ward; which school? how much is the school fees at such a school, whether it is a boarding school or not ( if not parents may look for other secure accommodation facilities for their wards), in case the ward won’t be selected, parents may also plan and decide what to do so that the pupil should not lag behind …..

    To the secondary school teachers, it is good for the exams to be released in time as the form ones shall start on the very first day of the term. This helps to cover the syllabus which often times is not covered due to among other factor, limited time. The more MANEB delays, the more the time MANEB robs from teachers and students to cover the syllabus. eventually, poor results shall be the obvious manifestation of such a delay. Needless to say, the pass rate remains so pathetic in Malawi at national level.

    There are more benefits in releasing the exams in time……LETS LOOK AT THE ISSUE WITH A SOBER MIND…….let’s attack the issue than the person.

    Let’s all join hands to improve the quality of education in Malawi.

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  6. Mr kondowe slow down MANEB knows when to release the results coz they want to do a good job. paja anthu aku north you are good at making noise like empty tons. hold your temper bwana kondowe. on the lighter note are you the life executive director of the organization. give others a chance to manage the org

    1. Inu tamatchulani kuti anthu aku north, koma if tikati anthu aku south kapena centre mmati tikusankha. Go ahead mayeso analembedwa the whole country akatulusidwa nsanga parents from both centre and south will benefit in budget planning. Thse exams were written way back in may. What is keeping them from releasing them. Ndimavoti kuti akufuna apange rig kaye.

    1. benedicto kondowe achotsedwe kuti? which recruitment are you referring to? wat role does he play in the recruitment process ( may u shade more right for us to appreciate whether he has failed in his responsibilities/duties)

    1. if you have a better argument, just bring it forward other than abusing ben kondowe who has not abused anyone in his comment on the matter of national importance

  7. Kodi Benedicto Kondowe amaona ngati kuchita manage mayeso ndi kophweka eti? Akunena pano akudziwa kuti MANEB itulutsa posachedwa kuti zidzaoneke ngati atulutsa ma results chifukwa cha iyeyo. MANEB does not report to Kondowe. Akafuna ayambitse Board yake yoti aziyiwuza zochita.

    1. that’s booo shit man ….can u count miyezi imene yadusa pakatipa chilembereni mayeso ?? mbuzi za maneb zimajaila, each year kumangofuna potchukila basi

    2. MANEB has work plan.When a wife is pregnant,does the couple prepare 4 the baby before or after it is born? Those who wrote exams should just get ready 4 school.

    3. Ben is vry correct, mayeso analembedwa mu may but til today no results, mind you next week schls wil be openned komanso delaying results zima vutisa ife makolo sourcing funds kuti mwana apite ku schl.

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