Malawi Police come open on what they do with confiscated marijuana


Malawi Police officers in the Southern Region have denied reports that they sell or use Indian hemp which they seize from suspects.

Southern Region deputy police publicist Beatrice Mikuwa said these are just mere speculations and it is not true that they sell confiscated marijuana.

Mikuwa was speaking following the arresting of four men who were found in possession of the illegal drug.

Police burn confiscated marijuana. (Library)

She identified the four suspects as Prince Gama, 23, Juma Maluwa, 18, Gift Banda, 18, and Samuel Edward, 27.

The deputy publicist said they present the seized marijuana in the court of law as evidence and at the end of the case the marijuana is destroyed either by fire or other ways.

“No, that is not true, we the Malawi police do not sell chamba. Whenever we confiscate it, we only take it for testing and later we use it in the court of law as evidence then it got disposed,” said Mikuwa.

She backed her claims using a recent case whereby the police set ablaze over 150 bags of chamba in Blantyre.

Meanwhile the police have warned people in the country that anyone who will be found with marijuana will be dealt with accordingly as the country’s laws do not accept such practices.



  1. Terible lie,some a dem Police Wi Smoke With dem,wi Share Spliff Wid dem dung a bush Doctors’ Yard,so why delaying legalizing ganja unno see say its di healing of the nation

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  3. Inu mkufuna munene kuti chyani apolice akhala akugulisa chamba chimene amagwira.Example ndi nkhani ina inachitika ku Nsanje galimoto yaku Dwangwa Estate imazatula anthu opuma ntchito.Ndiye anyamata amatenga chamba nkumabweresa potegera mwai woti sizisechedwa.Koma munthu wina amagulisanso chamba analiku dwangwa konko.Atawona galimoto inyamuka mawa anayimbira foni apolice awiri kuti galimoto ikubwera ndi chamba.Itafika galimoto analisatira nkukatenga chamba chonse eni ake osawatenga nkukagulisila munthu anawawuzauja.Apolice amagulisa chamba

  4. #Malawi_Police, if you really burn or dispose of marijuana then you are damned poor fellows!

    Can’t you ask yourselves why people take the risk of being in possession of that #gold you savagely call illegal drug?

    You’re waiting for a White man to come and change your laws and then tell you marijuana is no longer illegal?
    O, how much money you have burnt, my Malawi Police!
    Stop making people refugees in their own country. You should understand that people are only trying to make ends meet in this ever economically sick country.
    This is pathetic. I’ve no more words for you.

  5. Only God knws what they do wth that marijuana.just let the law be the law,if you’re involved in this business,be prepared to face the law.

  6. Ndinamvapo kuti anaotcha minyanga ya njobvu koma sindinamve kuti lero kuli kuotcha chamba cholandindwa, chikhalilecho amalanda matumba matumba a chamba .

  7. asakane awa, nanga akagwira munthu ndi ma bag ambiri ku court amapita ndi jumbo chinacho amagilitsa, nde osamakana zilizonse

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