26 August 2016 Last updated at: 6:11 AM

Mob justice cases on the rise in Malawi: Cattle thief burnt to death

An angry mob in Ntcheu district has burnt to death a 21 year-old man using motor vehicle tyres for stealing six cows in the district, Malawi24 can confirm.

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Police said the deceased, Harrison Siziyabwa, together with his two friends Jailosi Mussa and Wailesi Mussa stole six cows belonging to Adamson Lonjino in Ntcheu and took them to Mkwinda village in Neno district.

The owner of the cattle got the information that his cattle were in Neno district and together with other people went there and only found four cows plus meat in the suspect’s house since the other two cows had been slaughtered.

The cattle owner refused to take the suspect to police and instead together with other people took the suspected thief to a hilly place where they burnt him using motor vehicle tyres.

Post-mortem conducted revealed that the death was due to loss of blood and severe burns.

Late Siziyabwa hailed from Mkundika village, Traditional Authority Symon in Neno district.

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