New Political Party in Malawi: Kunkuyu back with Transformation Alliance


Former People’s Party (PP) member Moses Kunkuyu has rejoined the country’s political atmosphere with a move to ‘change’ the nation through a new party called Transformation Alliance (TA)

Speaking to members of the press on Wednesday, Kunkuyu disclosed that the alliance will strive to make a change in the country’s political atmosphere by urging the youths to take leadership roles.

Kunkuyu added that the Alliance will among other things put to an end “politics of vengeance” in the country arguing that retribution is one of the reasons that are keeping Malawi poor.

Moses Kunkuyu

Kunkuyu: Is back with a new party.

In an interview with Malawi24, Kunkuyu said the alliance is set to address challenges that have rocked the country by offering the youths a chance to play a part on the country’s political scene.

“We need to change our mindset in country, whenever we see our youths we take them as tools to worship leaders with no future, today they are painted blue paint, tomorrow yellow, the other day orange and we don’t know what they will turn into.

“So we are to nurture these youths to be good leaders of Malawi because we are having accidental leaders that they don’t know that they must save people in the country,” said Kunkuyu.

He also argued that the youths have “divorced dreams” of becoming reliable citizens of the country due to economic and political hitches in Malawi.

The alliance is yet to hold a convention to check its readiness to participate in the 2019 General Elections under the youth drive.



  1. Ku malawi mwatopa ko ndi uphawi eti osasiya zipani zakale zomwezo bwanji mukatopa ndikugulitsa denji lamfutso muli basi muyambise chipani

    • Ambwiye. Malawi is a cursed nation. Look st what is happening in MCP. Right Hon. Chakwera is not recycled. APM was a novice when he wad

  2. Malawi Osauka Zipani Mbwerekete,..America Olemera Zipani Ziwiri Zokha Pachsankho…Mumafuna Chani A Malawi Inu?Tere Chipani Ndi Moses Kumkuyu Omwe..Mtima Udzakuphani Mtima #robertchiwamba

  3. That’s Malawi, its a very small country with only an estimate of 17 million population in total and yet it has over 40 political parties. Some of the parties have only a less than 10 people following them, and that’s members of their family whom they share degrees of consanguinity. Hahahahaha its a pity. That party cannot go any further!!!

  4. problem with Malawians , when they want to contest for presidency they form their own political party. This means we should expect more than 20 political parties on the 2019 elections. See America only two people r fighting for “White House”. If u c that u can help develop the country , why cant u join any one of the already existing parties?

  5. Ndalamazo mukapatse makolo anu, muzionatu anzanu m’boma akufera. Mudzafa ngati Munyenyembe,Chafukila,Bingu komanso Mbendera SC

  6. What a useless organisation. Just making a list useless political organisation longer! ! U failed on constituency level and u can make it on national level?? Like seriously? Ndalama za cashgate zatha!!!!

  7. dpp stooge! What does he think he cam do? What new ideas can he bring this time after failing to do so as minister? He failed u MP ku Dedza where he was humiliated. Waste of time.

  8. Kunkuyu bwanji osangolengeza kuti walowa DPP palibetu angamuletse ndi ufulu wake.Bagus adatani?watsalaso kwathuku Jumbe.Chonde osachita manyazi.

  9. Can they treasure trove something different to do? This is just a matter of wasting time and resources….Sima 1 vote aja awa? This country is facing numerous challenges and another factor is that we have a lot of political parties, why can we focus on development not this political parties.

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