MEC bosses sent on forced leave


The country’s electoral body, Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has sent on leave with immediate effect seven of its staff members following reports of financial mismanagement at the commission.

The MEC employees who have been sent on leave include Chief Elections Officer Willie Kalonga, his deputy Harris Potani, Director of Administration and Human Resources George Khaki and Director of Finance Khumbo Phiri.

Others are Procurement Manager Edington Chilapondwa, Procurement Officer Chimwemwe Kamala, and her assistant Sydney Ndembe.

Kalonga Willie

Kalonga: Also sent on the leave.

The MEC board hopes the forced leave will allow an audit team set up by government to carry out its duty without influence.

“The commission has resolved to send these officers on immediate leave in order to pave way for the audit team set up to review the audit responses presented by the commission to be able to do its work without any undue influence,” reads the statement signed by Chairperson of MEC Finance and Administration Committee Linda Kunje.

The statement added that MEC is committed to ensuring that its operations adhere to all legal, public and international standards hence the need for engaging this independent audit team.

“The audit team will complete its work within a short period and the commission will at that point make known to the public the outcome of the review and the action that it will take,” reads the statement.

It is suspected that over K15 million of public funds were abused at the electoral body between 2012 and 2014.



  1. That suspension is political and unlawful…Just trying to shut the truth up.we have heard that some prime persons from the government forced Mec officials to give them money which was meant to be used in running the just called off mchinji by election..The money was further sent into buying toyota fortuners for the high profiled people…now who is to be suspended? These guys aint royal

  2. And they wil be paid on force leave? If they is mismanagment why not just take action. How long are we going to waste tax money. Sick and tired mxm

  3. Mukuimisa ena bcoz Mbendera has gone u profesors mumaononga MALAW bola mbuli enafe timava kukoma coz amava mavuto athu lero mwabisa nduna popeza ali ndi ambuyao. Bodza lililose MULUNGU azaweruza kaa ndi andale, abusa. JESUS IS COMING for all pipo includ nduna, MPS & u r churh elders why r u doing dis? 2 MBIRI 7 V 14

  4. All along we’ve just been hearing mere discusions between Kamphasa/Mbendera but no action. Should we assume that Mbendera was shielding these alleged thieves as an action has come immediately after his demise. Nde Kamlepo sanama ngakhale enawa are being shielded.

  5. That’s the genesis of the whole saga at MEC i suppose, each & every time this commisssion was saying had no money when they were fraudulently squandering the already meagre resources at the institution? The law should really pounce at them.

  6. Tatopanazo ndale ndibwino amuchotseretu ukana pa mawa komaso wankulu wa mec asankhe mzungu kapena aliese wakunja ngat malamulo akulora amalawi matha adatha kalekale munthu waba 4billion zaka ziwir Ku ndende pogonaso pabwino angasie kuba Malawi sangatukuke conci

  7. koma inu anthu amaudindo mukamaba ndalama mukudziwa mene anthu akuvutikira. Mulapiretu because God knows what you’re doing.

  8. Nde mwati a Chair aja adatisiya kamba ka nthentha ya sugar? Alright. ..koma ngati sakukhulupilika chonchi nde zisankho mwati angayendetse mwa chilungamo yawa? Malawi idavunda basi..

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