Kamlepo happy after Mutharika admits corruption


Member of Parliament for Rumphi East Kamlepo Kalua says he is happy since President Peter Mutharika has conceded that corruption is worse in Malawi now than at any point in the country’s history.

An angry Peter Mutharika on Monday railed against Malawians for having a habit of stealing everytime, everything, and everywhere.

Kamlepo Kalua

Kalua: I am happy

“Thirty percent of donor money goes into the drain and we cannot develop with such practices,” Mutharika said.

Reacting to the remarks, Kalua who has been accusing Mutharika of shielding cabinet ministers suspected to have been implicated in a cashgate scandal said he was happy with the admission.

“First, I could say I am very happy with the recent speech by the President Peter Mutharika where he has come publicly to say indeed in his government there is this corruption.

“He even went further telling Malawians that 40 percent of the national income is being squandered by the officials, ministries, ministers and municipalities,” He said.

Kalua also thanked God that the president knows corruption has worsened now than before and said that is what he was looking for.

The legislator was recently involved in a verbal war with Mutharika after the president asked him to reveal the names of cabinet ministers involved in multibillion Kwacha cashgate scandal. Kalua hit back at the president by saying that he does not take orders from Mutharika.



  1. akungofuna kutchuka kamlepo ndidolo kkkkkk wayiwerengera patali….yake ija yofuna udolo kamlepo hahahahaha…..palibe chingasinthepo apa

  2. Bwana Petulo Anathokangamo Zokhudza Corrupt Kut Iye Aliokhudzika Pakhaniyin Enafe Tizingoona Bola Zochepa Kwaife Amphawi Zizifika Lets Wait And See 2019.

  3. what i know is all leaders and governments which have and will govern our country are corrupt, no government will be free from this practice and those or we (us) who are outside the governing party will be the victims. get me well and i repeat all parties which have governed malawi are corrupt and those waiting to bounce back into power will practice this act in different ways

  4. Kamlepo happy? With what? Has the President fired the seven DPP mp’s involved in CASHGATE? Now Kamlepo you are happy with anything the president says? Join him, he is just fooling you, he cant arrest or fire any of them- Kamlepo dont be fooled, dont change your status. A thief cannot arrrest a thief, NEVER.

  5. enawa anabadwa cha mma 2000 ndipo Kamlepo samudziwa pakuti ana enawo azimawo amavina nawo pamsonkhann ndi gulu lija magetsi komanso sugar sakumumvera kuwawa

  6. A Malawi24 Nkhan Tidzimva Ya Kamlepo Basi Muzitiwuzanso Akasegula Mimba, Akamapita Ku toilet Akafuna Kunyela Azikuuzan Muzilemba Kut Kamlepo Akunyela ! Kkk

  7. Ndikubvomereza maganizo ake koma nanga ngati waima nchilungamo waimiriranji chipani chokhuzidwa ndi cashgat? Bwanji osayambisa chake chopanda chilemam? Mwns lets think mature

    • Im not recomending any political party neither dpp nor pp both r the criminals, if pp was still inpower would kamlepo rise up this matter? Probably there would no any uproar.

  8. Kamlepo ndi munthu wopanda mantha, musiyeni anene zomwe akudziwa. Inu munazolowera kuombera m’manja ziri zonse. Zimenezi sanayambe lero, Anayamba nthawi ya Kamuzu. Viva Kamlepo! Faka mpweya.

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  10. Kodi akamlepo pitala akanakupatsani chimpando mkadakhala ndinthawi yolankhulira zimenezi?
    Osamakhala ngat abwino kumtundu wamalawi pomwe muli nyama yolusa!!

  11. Inu mumavutika ndi kutukwana pamene nzanuyo akuti ngyabonga mr president pamenepo inuyo mmatukwana APM MWAPINDURANJI SI NONSE MAKAPE BASI NZANUYO NDIWOCHENJERA AMAFUNA AZIKUONANI KUPUSA .

  12. After confessing that indeed there is massive plunder of public resources with this regime what next? People awaits action against all those involved & convicted regardless of whatsoever to serve as a learning point to would be offenders period & nothing short of this.

  13. Wamisala anawona nkhondo.ochenjera nathawa.thanks Mr president for supporting Kaluwa.Thanks Kaluwa for telling us that you are happy after a glass of water brought by APM himself.

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