Malawi Police officers shoot man to death at his home


Malawi Police officers in Lilongwe city today shot dead a man after the law enforcers went to the victim’s house in response to reports of domestic violence, Malawi24 understands.

Police said the man was carrying weapons while he was quarreling with his wife and officers from Chitipi Police station shot him in order to calm him down.

gunThe deceased has been identified as Tom Tyolani, 34.

“The man had disagreements with his wife Christian Tyolani and when Chitipi Police Officers got the information they went to the place of incident and tried to calm down. The man was carrying a knife and another offensive tool in his arms,” Police said.

Malawi24 understands that the man wanted to attack the woman and the law enforcers shot him in order to disable him.

Tyolani was then rushed to Kamuzu Central Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Late Tyolani hailed from Chimangasasa Village, Traditional Authority Njewa in Lilongwe.



  1. naweso tear gas amathira pokagwira muthu tear gas amathira kuti athu abalalike kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkjhffduiduunkkkkkkkkkkkfhgfduukkkkkkkdrujgghkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Oooh no thts not good police yabwanji iyi Kodi simuziwaso kuti kupha ndikulakwa why muchita chabe ngati simuwelenge baibulo Manje police iyi siziwa ntchito mwe eishhhh

  3. achita bwino iya anthu ena mumaonjeza kuvutisa azikazi mmakomomu.wina uyu alikunoyu akazi ake akusowa mtendere apolice zapheni basi

  4. I think to some people it would have been good to hear that a woman and a police man have been killed by a man with a knife, that’s idiotic thinking, uzaziona zikazakhala munyumba mwako.

  5. ananyamula mpeni ,panalibe chifukwa chomuphera akanamuombera pa mwendo atleast koma kupheratu wapolisiyo anali ndi cholinga kale ,osanamiza anthu kuti by mistake kumuphako.

  6. It has shown that the policeman is in love with the woman, so he has led a man to greave so that they should be going for rounds peacefully. i hate the policemens…nicknamed, agalu aboma.


  8. All those who agree wth officers that they did a good job are fools{vindele vyakufikapo} cant thy shoot his leg or arm than killing him.

    • If he was really trained on how to shoot and use a gun he cant miss a target, if his target was to shoot a leg he cant shoot a head, and if it was a head he cant shoot a leg.

  9. Don’t just comment guys kuti mutchuke mwava,we’ve lost a life here,if you can check properly you’ll find kuti women are causing us trouble,ndye zomangotii fwefwefwe!!! stop this nonsense,anatani kumuombera mwendo? This is too bad guys,is this what you wanted? Reform? Osaombera akusowetsa mtenderewa bwanji?osaombera akupha azowowa bwanji? Shame to this country called Malawi .Mfitiii

  10. This is bad reporting.You do not come up with judgement first.This is partisan reporting next time Police is called do not go.Malawians are war mongers rumour monger negative minded.Policemen were called due security breakdown.They did not just go there hunting for people.Stop quarreling in your houses hoping Police will come to solve your criminal agendas

    • Paja iwe ndi nzika wa ku South Africa eti? Mmmm a police anthu amagwira tchito yao bwinobwino.Omwe ukumati mbulizo zikuteteza #amako ndi abale ako ku Malawi kuno omwe unawathawa nkumapita ku jonz kwakoko.

  11. police training school yakumalawi kumakhala zibwana dats y mbili yoiPa yapolice singathe ndipo pazakhala povuta kut wapolice azapatsidwe ulemu

  12. Police do ur best to protect ur life its when u can protect somebody’s life. Its the rule of law in military. The hazardious man had his knife in his hand to protect and defend himself as he pretended u his enemy. So what u have done z what u got trained. Uwu mlandu wanu ayi. Inu munapita kukateteza. zomwe munakaona zinakupangisani kuziteteza kwa chidandangacho. Chaziphesa chokha.

  13. Ndeu it was temporality, ikana natha Banja nkuma pitilira , koma taonani apha munthu ana ake apita kuti nkaziyo uma sie walowa basi poor mw Police

  14. Ali bho, he has waphwanya history ameneyo, fanz ina imalowa upolice koma mpaka kukwezedwa maudindo phwii mpaka retirement osaombako mfuti ataa, ali bhoo, keep it up, but osati ubwere kuden kwangatu ohoo

  15. In other countries that’s a huge crime committed by the police and the perpetrator may end up in jail and government sued lots of money but poti nkumalawi abnormal behavior is normal ,,munthu amalora kuima mu bus from LL to BT kumadusaso ma roadblocks,rip the victim

  16. Though its sad news but laughable. The police wanted to calm down an angry man but in doing so they have calmed him down to his grave. Our police, was it difficult to dismember his leg or arm? Where is your professionalism in this case? It’s disgraceful.

  17. Mapholisa Mapholisa pinachitemwepi ndi uve maningi mwava.Imwe kuchimwana kumphata namanjanu khaninga iye adali namfutoi pontho.Mapholisa Mapholisa mapywala anu namifuti yanuyeneyo mwapivabiii

    • Reform ukunena iwe nde iti,munthu watenga chida moyo wa munthu wina uli pa chiopsyezo basi apolisiwo angomusiya. Pajatu nowadayz akuti #Mphamvu_ku_anthu awuzeni aphungu anu kuti akapita ku parliament akapange zongoithetsa Police imeneyi ngati siikukuthandizani.

  18. This dude had an offensive weapon with which, if he was not properly handled, would have injured one or more of the law enforcers. Well trained officers: your safety first. We’ve seen pple being shot at and this ‘harshband’ would’ve not been an exception!

  19. Shaaaa!!!!!Malawian police, failing to handle such piple? kupha ndie simple kwa inu?where were the rubberbullets? Mpaka moyo wapita basi.

  20. Enanu nkhaniyi sikuimvetsa. Munthuyu siwakuba kma amakangana ndi mkazi wake ndipamene anthu anakamunenera ku polisi chifukwa munthuyo anatenga mpeni kumanja. Apolisiwo poshuta samafuna kumupha kma kulepheletsa mkuluyu kugwiritsa ntchito zina zomwe anatenga. NDI NGOZI IYI

  21. Dats de only problem. when the day for your death has come den it has come coz the police are saying they never meant to kill him but de bullet missed target at last he has died. May HSRP

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