23 August 2016 Last updated at: 8:16 AM

JCE abolishment nullified: Form Two exams set to return next year

Months after the Junior Certificate Examination (JCE) got abolished in the country by the Malawi government, the examination has been resuscitated, Malawi24 can confirm.

The Malawi government through the ministry of education, science and technology last year abolished the Junior Certificate Exams saying they were costing the government much money.

Upon seeing the effectiveness of the exams in the country’s education sector, an independent organization that administers exams, National Independent Academic Examination Council has announced that it will sponsor the exams.

Malawi exams

JCE returns next year. (File)

According to the organization’s director, Philess Kachingwe, the exam means a lot to a Malawian student although employers stopped considering them.

Kachingwe said the certificate acts as a motivator for students and it shows that a person has gone to school.

“Yes it is true, in 2017, our organization will administer the Junior Certificate examination throughout the country.

“When the exams got abolished last year, we got pained and later we started investigating the effects of abolishing the exams and 96 percent of people in the country from Chitipa to Nsanje say they still need the examination, hence the coming back of it” said Kachingwe.

The director further added that their organization is already set to administer the coming exams saying they have already sourced money for it and every thing is set.

Finally she said their organization understand the hardships in which the government is sailing through and says that is why they have thought of helping it by bringing back the exams.

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