Mboro erects his status: Buys K106m BMW

Prophet Mboro

Controversial South African clergyman Paseka Motsoeneng popularly known as Pastor Mboro has procured a R2 million (K106 million) BMW i8 model.

Cedar Isle Auto, a car dealer in South Africa, announced Mboro’s new catch on twitter.

Prophet Mboro hit the limelight across Malawi following claims that he had visited heaven and taken a selfie with God.  He however denied the reports, accusing Malawian born prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, of fabricating the stories about Pastor Mboro’s trip to heaven.





  1. Oh man…… These men of God as they call themselves right now are a bit weird with how they splashing cash all around like its a modern fashion thing Prompting me to ask is this about the gospel of God or something else

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  3. si nkhani imeneyo. chifukwa choti wagula pastor ndiye mpaka kulemba news? iyeyo malipilo ake ndi omwewo adyeretu. iye anganame kuti anapitapo kumwamba mpaka kukajambulitsa ndi angelo? wachibwana ameneyu eti

  4. And that’s why I said I’ll never trust the say of any prophet in this life for I discovered that all the so called prophets we have in this centuary are crooks and criminals. True prophets were listed in the Holy BIBLE.

  5. Well done pastor mboro for buying that BMW. This will make pple to wake up and stop following any prophets which just come 4rm nowhere. Prophet Magaya arrested and charge with rape. End of the world. Good job opusa azichangamuka.

  6. Guys don’t take it personal, musasonyeze kuti ndinu anzelu pagulu, just skip the post if you are not interested, mukawona zakunyasani kwambili tangopangani unlike basi!

  7. Some wise pipo they barn to use his name on social media. Like Zimbabwe, Zambia cos it’s Insulted word. But U cos U’r so stupid person that’s why U still use it on the media.

  8. Ngat kuli pastor ofoila ndiye iwe mboro umakhala busy kuonesa chuma chako kod umaganiza kut ife tilibe kathu ife tili ndinjinga abakha komaso mbuzi

    1. Mwaiwala nkhukutembo mulinazoso kwambiri ndi munda oti sumalimidwa munausungira kuti muzikapezako therere yapasi. Kwainu ali kutali kwambiri

  9. is that newsworthy? do u think u can just wake up and put up ur nonsense here? are u sane or incapacitated upstairs? such journal-ism brngs shame en disgrace to the noble profession. plz go bak to class if u ‘even’ went. eish. som pple!

    1. I see nothing wrong here Malawi24 being a news source it’s their responsibility to bring these stories to the public for us to know what’s happening out there mind you these news websites re after money the more people browz their websites the more cash they make,,komaso man if this wasn’t newsworthy or no sense why ve you wasted ur bites ur time reading this there’s no need for u to like Malawi24 page if they bring no sense,,

    2. kkk i ges u r ryt. akupanga ndalamadi! dat’s wat they r afta. bt smxs they do bring newsworthy stuff though. it’s not always trash. i must be honest!

    3. yap for these news websites owners they mostly focus on those stories that re with controversial feel u can agree with me that recently this man mboro was a man to hear,,,.so it might happen this MW24 this time thoght it will seek our attention

    1. Eeeee ndiye ngati muli kunjoni simunafike.mukazafika mudzaziwa mitengo.anthu mumagona munjondolo muziwa bwanji mitengo ya magalimoto? Sikoma magwinya

    1. A Malawi24 kufuna kuwayesa amalawi kut ayankhula chani…,is that the way a wise journalist present stories??….M24 lacks dignity!!

  10. kusowa zokemba eti!!! the way you have started the sentence tells it all what type of a journalist we have have here!!! moral rotten!!!

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