Malawian singer in Chichewa rendition of Adele’s Hello

Adele hello

An unidentified Malawian singer has performed miracles on a song entitled Hello which was done by English singer, songwriter and recording female artist Adele.

The male vocalist has injected the missing local charms to the song that once put Adele on top of the world. As a case of loyalty, he maintains the original song’s touch by staying true to the pop version.

With the cover yet to hit mainstream media, one can only prophesy the razzmatazz that will follow once it drops. The product is a solid evidence that the country has got rich music talents.

Talk of sweet voice, the singer is blessed with angelic vocals sound enough to improve a dying king’s health. The pitch of his voice rises as he migrates from verse to chorus.

Adele hello“Hello konse komwe uli, mose ndayambira sukuyankha, mkuuze napepe pazomwe ndinachita,” sounds part of the chorus

Although the voice sounds familiar, Malawi24 cannot independently confirm the artist behind the cover but once revealed an update will be made available on the matter.

This is the second cover for a popular song done by a Malawian artist after Mzuzu based JJ Trueth reproduced Justin Bieber’s Sorry.



  1. malawi 24 jounarist abakha awanthu asamva mkunkhu anyan agaru amafuna kulemba zinthu zoti anzawo analemba kale iwowo nkumapanga edit lemban zanu ngat mufuna kutchuka tingowauza a # macra atseke imeneyi mxiiiii

  2. Kuyamikila zopusa kumeneko ,,mafilimu akunja mwayikayika mchichewa kutanthauza chani??? Thats what makes us not to be gud when it. Comes to speaking English,,coz zonse mukufuna mchichewa anyani inu

  3. Even Adele she don’t know how to sing
    nyimbo zake oloko wamtambala singagule ten. …sibola ndizivera Mady P The Dancehall Igwe

  4. Even Adele she don’t know how to sing
    nyimbo zake oloko wamtambala singagule ten. …sibola ndizivera Mady P The Dancehall Igwe

    1. There is no need to clap hand for such a nonsense songs from Adele. ..nyimbo zosanveka zotchuka kamba ka satanic. …zopusa zokha zokha

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  6. koma sibwino kulakwitsa mwadala olo bodzalo ndiye mkumati Adele ndi wa ku America kkkkk media pa Malawi ya lowa chibwana ngati democracy

  7. Kakaka Malawi twenty four adelle ndiwaku amaerica? where do u guys get informations from? kkk momwemo bas nanga mkutan

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