20 August 2016 Last updated at: 8:02 AM

Malawi opposition parties should forget uniting to dislodge Mutharika

The plans by the Malawi opposition political parties to unite in the 2019 elections to unseat the current President Peter Mutharika have been laughed off as a joke by a social commentator.

According to the commentator, Emily Luwani, the plans by the opposition are just a joke and they cannot be achieved.

“The first question is who will lead such a coalition? All the leaders in the opposition camp are thinking they can be the President and to imagine them uniting is just wishful thinking,” Luwani said to Malawi24.

Luwani said that the political parties that form the opposition block were weak and confused such that a joint effort to unseat Mutharika was not going to materialise.

Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika could face a weak opposition if it mergers.

“If you look at the political parties, they are already at war with each other. The MCP is fighting withi itself, the wrangles in the PP are far from dead, the UDF is a part of the ruling and yet it has some of its members refusing to endorse the marriage that it has with the DPP. In such a state, who will lead the unity?” Luwani wondered.

She said that at the moment, no one could be seen as mature and sober enough to lead in building a united front against Mutharika who has been forecasted to win the 2019 elections.

At a rally, President Mutharika also laughed off the idea that the opposition parties are ganging up against him. He claimed that they were afraid of him and that is why they were planning to gang up against him.

However, Malawi24’s news analyst William Simango said that although the opposition was rocked with too much trouble of its own, it was too early to dismiss their plans for a coalition.

“Remember in 2004, there was the Mgwirizano coalition. It did not win but still it sent a message that a united opposition block is possible,” said Simango.

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  • Being silence does not mean Mutharika is more superior and admirable to malawians, but they (malawians)themselves are thinking and planning how they can remove him from power.don’t yu know the secret behind his winning? Just take a big wait yu ‘ll see how things changes .and remember malawians are visualising bcx they have seen things rather than they expected..2019 is not 2 far yu ‘ll agree with me by then.

  • All wat malawians nid is new blood

  • I hope Dpp will rule the Malawi government for next 25 yrs.

  • Ben Obook says:

    #DPP_2019_BOMA asafuna asiye

  • Shame on you opposition parties go and focus your interior matters leave Peter rule until his death zosinthasintha leaders make falling behind development

  • Allliance of parties may raise questions on the ground. It simply means you can not manage to do it own your own. Choosing a leader in an alliance becomes a problem hence all leaders making the unity are of the view that they want to run for presidency. Peter mutharika will not be weakest candidate in 2019. Anawina bwanji ali ku opposition?? Chingavute nchiyani kuwina pamene pano ali pampando omwewo?? Look at the fracas in opposition parties eg MCP and PP. UDF has been silenced. Fracas and being silenced mean alot to DPP campaigns. I hope the best candidate by then azawina….

  • Allliance of parties may raise questions on the ground. It simply means you can not manage to do it own your own. Choosing a leader in an alliance becomes a problem hence all leaders making the unity are of the view that they want to run for presidency. Peter mutharika will not be weakest candidate in 2019. Anawina bwanji ali ku opposition?? Chingavute nchiyani kuwina pamene pano ali pampando omwewo?? Look at the fracas in opposition parties eg MCP and PP. UDF has been silenced. Fracas and being silenced mean alot to DPP campaigns. I hope the best candidate by then azawina….

  • Allliance of parties may raise questions on the ground. It simply means you can not manage to do it own your own. Choosing a leader in an alliance becomes a problem hence all leaders making the unity are of the view that they want to run for presidency. Peter mutharika will not be weakest candidate in 2019. Anawina bwanji ali ku opposition?? Chingavute nchiyani kuwina pamene pano ali pampando omwewo?? Look at the fracas in opposition parties eg MCP and PP. UDF has been silenced. Fracas and being silenced mean alot to DPP campaigns. I hope the best candidate by then azawina….

  • jabulani chirombo says:


  • Vuto ku Malawi mphamvu zili ku boma kwambiri osati kwa anthu.. boma limatha kupanga chilichonse koma anthu kumangong’ung’uza osachitapo kanthu, pamene maiko a anzathu monga S.A anthu amakhala ndi mphamvu kwambiri moti boma ngati silikuchita bwinop penapake, amaonetsa mikwiyo yawo popanga zionetselo, pamene ku Malawi timaopa kupanga zimenezi… ma nosense amane akupanga Mutharika aja kukhala maiko ena bwenzi atamuchotsa kalekale

  • Tito Phiri says:

    Its none of ur Bussiness Mr Luwani

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  • Iwalani zimenezo ndikuyang,ana kusogolo.at de moment there is no party to remove dpp.

  • Who has eyes to read bible knows about this.Bible say in the last days people shall be greedy and boastiful.Don’t worry these politicians are just fulfilling God’s words but so soon they r going to answer the charges before God.they can’t be charged now because this is their home they r able to silence the judges and the julges r quet they know that they r there because of them God did not put them.But with there will be corruption they will be judged let them enjoy now it’s their time

  • If Dpp Robes Again In 2o19,Iwill Go 2 Syria 2learn How 2wear Mabomba Atinkenawo

  • Pelekan zifukwa zitatu zovotera mukutDPP wakwana 2019 Pawulendo

  • kuona kwa ine palibenso ndikumulingalila kuti mwina ngazalamulile zikoli mkuyenda bwino munthawi imene tikuyendayi wina afune olo asafune koma,kuwina olo kuluza koma anthu tithamanga ndi umphawi basi uchita bwino azingochitabe bwino osauka azingosaukilabe koma ngati muli olenga bwezelesani dziko kumbuyo kuti tikhale mma 1970s ubwino wamalawi tiuonanso ngati sindinu mlengi lolani malembo am’ buku lopatulika akwanilisidwe ndipo enanu ndi anthu aja mukumawanamiza anthu apa dziko lapansi kuti EDZI ndi matenda pamene sichoncho uwu ndi mlili mchifukwa ulibe mankhwala monga alosi analosela.wamva iwe

  • I wish I was born in Tanzania or any other coountry bt God did this he has got a plan coz salakwixa. Nthawi zina zizayenda bt not with these greedy political leaderz


  • Kamuzu, Bakili, Bingu, Joice and Peter we were, we are thinking that all the above leaders are failiers. They are not failiers. Mind U we dou change a President and the party but the rest rensponsibilities are always the ussual people since multiparty 1994. Thats why to me all the Politicians are the same. Whosoever whom we will vote, nothing will change not kuti vuto ndi President no koma kuti anthu amapanga bomawo ndi omwemwewo. Time for elections apange zipani zawo mpakana 62 akaluza cross the floor alowa mboma. Zikatere wa Dpp, pp, mcp, udf ndindani? Popeza akaluza akumalowa chipani cholamula ndipo ndi omwewomwewo since 1994? Ndiye zinthu zisintha bwa? Boma si President koma anthu. Ndiye anthuwo ndi adyera zisinthe?


  • MAVUTO AKADALI, better watch without commentng much

  • Akapolo a dziko kukanganirana ulamuliro m’malo momakanganira dzina la YESU za zii mungochedwa nazo izi. Mukatukwanana mawa ulendo kokameza ukaristia ndi braed wa BAKERSPRIDE Inu akapolo aYUDAS wothawa m’gonero weniweni kukafuna ndale zophera ambuye YESU zitsiru pamodzi ndi andale anuwo. Dziko la MULUNGU ili ziphanani anthu a Lucifer inu. Ambuye akhululukireni anthu awa sakudziwa chimene akukambirana m’dzina la YESU wa moyo AMEN.

  • Does Malawi have a president? I thought the country is steering itself….

  • Fuck you pitala

  • Akulimba aime mmakanika ndi ukhansala omwe u don’t understand how a country is run kip quite,ur failing to lead ur families companies churches etc busy pointing fingers come out with solutions # team haters

  • he need to rest because he is falling to change our malawi.you can see the way things are in our xools,acom and many others.tikufunika revolution coz the one’s who are leading are the same pple who were involed with cash gate.

  • Biased commentator. Who are u campaigning for? Give us news. Not your opinion. Malawi 24 is not a political party or analyst. Report news please not this trash.

  • wau mumakwan mai wathu?

  • Ine iziiii mxiiiin ayi zandikwana

  • Aliponso winaaaa

  • Son of late Kamuzu Banda,he will be a leader,Kamlepo vice,mussa second vip

  • Congratulations to u Mr Yassin Manyamula Mtesha I leant something 4m ur comment. Malawi z still in darkness n I don’t know if we’ll change.

  • fuck you all muzingosakirabe iwo kumangolemererabe u can’t chang poritcs throu fb pitan pa air tiwon ngat if they can giv dem on u

  • I can’t see anyone who can move out Dpp in 2019.

  • Ovota ali pheee mmudzimu, ife timangochuluka mzeru chifuwa cha kuzitsata za ndale pokhala ndi mkwiyo omwe suthandiza koma kungoipitsa mbiri ya wina/ ena omwe zao zikuenda. Salota mkomwe:

  • Planning of unseatting Peter is annoying decision. why? Changing leaders anyhow will not solve the toughest equation (poverty ) that we have.

  • Siufumutu uwu chambaeti?

  • palibe nkhani yochita kupangabmugwirizano apa,uyu tatopanaye kale anthufe,Peter must gooooo!!

  • Kwa Ine Ndikukayika Kwambiiiri Zoti Muntharika Adzawina.Mwina Koma Aaaaah Kaya.Pakuwoneka Ma Erase Ambiri Mbiri Apa.

  • Kutha nkani nkukatenga Mugabe munya basi kkkkkkk


  • I think enanu mwaona nokha mmene majority yapangila respond jx for this post kut pangavute maka APM ali more…Pamawa musamadzat wabela.Ku Lilongwe kwa MCP kuno mpat pomwe pali mseu sakugundapo zot aike Tarmac Road? Mseu timkasekedwa nawo wa Fallz Estate /36 mpaka Kandikole kuja, CCDC kapena kut Chilinde,24 via Ngwenya, Kawale, Malangalanga ense uko.. Nde muzit mfwemfwe MCP ine Ine, muiwale. DPP more fire.

    • my friend let me tell u this misewu ikukonzedwa moopanda ukadaulo jst imagine zigamba kumaonekela sure ina ikokoloka ndithu. Since we started voting tapindulapo chani ngat aMalawi every tym system yobera mavoti inka iwonjjezeredwa. Ooo Jesus mukuchedwa pat kuzathexa dzikoli ????

    • Iwenso ndiye wasowa zonena. Development is not roads only. The fact is that we are being led by a clueless leader who only believes in shielding his political bootlickers in the name of his ministers. You are here praising a man who raises university fees willy-nilly without thinking of the common man. You are here praising a government that intends to rob Malawians of their inheritance – their land in the name of land reform through the land bill which was passed in parliament by dpp and their bed fellows, UDF. Can you call that development again? We have a government that trains nurses and uppn completion, tell them it will not employ them. Now you cal that development? What about the sub standard roads that you are praise singing here? Will they last five years? What about the thieves in the name of ministers he is shieldong from justice? We all have eyes and we are capable of making decisions. So misewu ukunenayo will do nothing to change the problems we are facing as a country. This is only two years of his leadership, what more with five years?. Go to the hospitals now, no drugs, meals once a day- a thing we never heard during the past leadership. Even Bakili and his brother were hated but not as much as za lerozi. So man, don’t talk only of the few roads you are talking about. We deserve more as a country. They heavily tax us, they are supposed to offer better services not these pieces of shit they are giving us. We will speak and when we do that again in 2019, it will even be louder. I bet you, there won’t be any rigging.

    • Note: un edited version

  • Muno mu Africa palibe palibe president azatukula dziko ndi ndale za multiparty system izi zoyanja azungu basi

  • its not about winning but stealing

  • DPP/UDF is just like Barca/ Real all stars. Palibe mwana wa nyau angamake

  • bola tidikile chipan cha miracle money tilemela!!!!!!!

  • Come 2019 APM will win coz if u talk of mcp and pp we all already tried them, they did nothing 4 malawians, ryt now wat they know z only asault their fellows. Do they hav manifesto to ceise led gorvement, ask them? am very marvel to here 4m u that they will reign malawi, hehehehe….. ngati mulibe ndalama amnzanga ndi ulesi wanu, basi kumangokhalira facebook, where z ur sweat? 4m now onwards close ur big mouth and find something profitable.

  • Pray 4 a party o coalition gov 2 reverse land grabbing rule which woyld further impoverish innocent indigenous Mws but inrich dpp n cohorts.

  • Kaliba ofatsa wat proof do u have kuti mbendela waphedwa ndi a DPP?? My brother watch ua mouth the world have ears and eyes osamangoti bolani ndayankhula..free advise

  • Amalawi sitidya ndale we need to workhad inoder to find wht we want zandale mmmm ine DPP ayi,MCP,ndizina ayi sindizavota 2019 yanuyo

  • Eya panapakad kukhala uchikond ndwina aliyense nthawinzina azagwila nyana ine ndinatchoka mtima sindfuna wina pepa anzanga nonso amene munapeza watchikond munzagwile ngat uyu%-)

  • A opposition mudzingokonzekera ma injuction or if else jst hire American Electrol commission…APM is gonna take it again come 2019…

  • Mafco 1-0 Bullets.

  • Wawa Peter osatekeseka ndizinthu zopanda pake ngati izi maso pasogolo basi ife ndinyominyomi tikusatila

  • thats why i dnt even admire to vote again these ppl are ignorant

  • Truth shall always prevail. Who won ? Thanks for your answer? Why late Mbendera cried on that day when announcing who won? God won’t allow this nation to be like this forever. What was the root cause of his crying? Truth shall always prevail.

    • Ukufunsa ndani? Why didn’t u ask him before he died. U mean timuyankhire? Mbuzi

    • Fools rush in. Stiff naked fools. Check your SQ. We are all mad we only differ in degrees of abnormality. A bad carpentry blames his own tools. Fuck you mother fucker and you country. Look at you. Dont die the way you are.


    • zaziii taoneleni

  • Tizakuwumbuzirani limodzi APM wangokhala pheee inu mugozuzika muzalira muona

  • Mike Mvula says:

    Mmalo mopanga zitukuko basi busy kuyang’ana 2019 ngati mutazavote ndiinuyo,, tikamati anthu andale ndi anthu adyela timanenela pamenepa, samatiganizila ifeyo ovotafe amatifuna nthwi yovota basi.

  • Chakwera ndi MCP ,Pokwanira kuwina mu 2019 mosakaikanso

  • Adzakubatizani limodzi nonse Ana mwachepa inu

  • Idont see it happening. Its not in malawi only but Africa as awhole. Imagine wht has happened in Zambia the winner getting over 1. 3million + his runner getting 1. 2million+ and the 3rd one getting 20, 000 votes, others getting 10, 000, 3000, 1000… etc up to over 9 candidates onsewo kufuna ku state house. Umphawi oyambira mmaganizo, kobadwira ndi mtundu wathupi lokuda ndi mmaganizo momwe. In malawi its very difficult to outsit Mitharica because no one is ready from the opposition. First lets look at UDF, its not secret the party that scored over 700, 000 votes will not appear onthe ballot in 2019 as they will be forming an electroral alliance with DPP. This will form aformidable force not easy to dislodge…. and it means Eastern region + lomwe belt is gone… This will be so because PP seem to be preparing to partiner with MCP… Now be reminded that PP president and founders comes from the Eastern region where incase PP decides to partiner with MCP then expect wht happened in 2009 when UDF partinered with MCP. Voters opted to vote for UDF MPs and onthe presidential ballot they opted for DPP as voting for Tambala wakuda its regarded as ataboo and its uncalled for to think about Kongeresi. Now this means that incase of PP-MCP alliance dont expect any mirracle there…. Now wht it means only Central region and Nothern region its where an opposition main leader will come from. But mind u pple from the Northern region are always undecided voters. Reading from the past experience, Those based in town always vote for MCP, and those in rural areas vote for rulling parties ie. in 2009 they voted for DPP, and in 2014 they voted for PP(which was arulling gvt then). meaning if history will repeat then North is split. Coming to the center again Where MCP is.. The area will be divided…lakeshore districts already have seen there sons Felix Jumbe and Jessy Kabwira suffering and anything will happen. Inshort, No opposition leader can or is ready to unseat DPP because its adivided house where everyone wants to be president and this will make them fail to make it. Its less than 45 months to prepare….since 2014 Chakwera has not been to the south, or East or lowershire to tell pple there what makes him think MCP should be voted into power. If mcp has ameeting then its Ntchisi, Kasungu, Dedza Mzuzu,, kkkkkkk. U guys in opposition are not serious…Social media support cant be trusted in malawi even every media can be on ur side … voters are in rural areas of Nyezerera, Kolowiko, Malaka, Masambanjati, Kunenekude among others.. where they dont read news paper, there phones only accomodates 1GB memorycards just to listen to Gwaladi songs, Chempotereya songs simple ofwhich wht ever we are discussing here its non of there business… kkkk. while everyone is busy with 7ministers the voters are waiting to hear wht Opposition shall do if voted into power… To me

    • Thanks bra for ur point

    • wise calculation,,,i think u r a political analysit

    • Ukuzitsata aise. We r just the two of us capable of analysing these issues.


    • Ayamiz Daf says:

      Uli Fresh Aise Athu Samaziwa Zimenezi

    • The problem is you are just short sighted, God has his plans, you may analyse the weaknesses of opposition parties and try to favour DPP because it is in alliance with UDF. Analyse those who commented on your comment too; all are Yawo commentators who would wish UDF should be a DPP bed fellow. May I let you know that corruption, cashgate, conflicts with Saulosi Chilima, unhappy civil servants including teachers, poor policies like bad education decisions, old age, flustrations, battle for replacement, natural desasters like floods, the persistent blackouts and many more will heavily impact your wishes or DPP/UDF chances? The strong man behind this is Bakili who destroyed our economy and keeps on destroying it ndipo watsala madzi amodzi once he dies that will be the end of Atupele, those 13 files of corruption will bring something, God cannot tolarate Malawians to continued suffering in the hands of these very evil corrupt, triballistic, regionalistic and ethinistic mafias. God has his plans, He redeemed us from Evil canning Bingu and selfish ignorantic Bakili third term ndiye a kakanike awawa awa? Ofoka kalewa, PAC gave Bingu 60 days and miracles of cardiac arrest happened before those 60 days, this is very soon descending to this remaining Mutharika, just wait and keep my comment mudzandivomereza abwana. God is always in control.

  • Am afraid we Malawians,we are becoming more and more selfish every single fucking day. I don’t know what’s up with you?

  • 2019 Big Bullets Woye.

  • A opposition nanunso your aim shud not be to unseat mutharika, but to end poverty. There is a possibility that mutharika can go, but will he carry these problems with him? Infact kukhala president ku malawi anthu asachite kulimbirana. Malawi is just too poor.

    • Tell these brainless people bra, when Mutharika came into power, this country was already home for poverty from a long way background. You can’t trust any of these politicians, they’re all gold-diggers.

    • They are gold diggers indeed but one is one day a wise leader will be found. Bingu was visionary and wise. Gud things do not last indeed.

  • Olo a otsutsa naowoso mbola Amalawi sitikonda ziko lathu

  • Panicking and propaganda.

  • kodi abwanawa mikonoyo samatha kuwongola? nanga lirimero samantha kupisira??


  • so chakwera ,katsonga,atupele,chisi,helen and others not to appear on ballot when one of themm will be chosen to represent the coalition.i doubt.

  • Opposition parties shud not be pannicking of unseating mutharika in 2019. I forsee that mutharika will be the weakest candidate on the ballot in the 2019 elections. Malawians who want change in their lives wud not cast their vote in favour of mutharika. In just 2 and half years mutharika has shown all his weaknesses that voting for again wud mean that we hav leadership bankruptcy which is not the case, bcoz we do hav a number of qualified malawians who wud make gud leaders and propel our economy to the next level. We cant be always admiring leaders of our neighbouring countries when we have ours within who change things just like them. Peter mutharika must go with his cashgate come 2019, his choice of protecting few cashgaters whilest a million plus of pple who voted for him are suffering shows that he doesnt care about ordinally malawians but only those who he is dinning with. I just pray that the burden be removed, and we start all over again.

    • Ken M'baya says:

      I agree with u. If indeed he doesn’t address some of the serious issues and change his leadership style for the better, then the voters are not such stupid as one can assume they are. Malawians have eyes, Malawians have ears, Malawians have feelings and Malawians have brains. Malawians do speak through the ballot even without the opposition making coalitions! We count ntchito zamunthu just like the late Dr. Bingu said “lolani ntchito zamanja…”. Its either he performs or come 2019 he is out, with or without opposition coalition

    • Well said bra, the current presdnt has alot to do, to prove to the electorate that he can deliver.

    • Hahaha! Ana a Chakwera inu kikikiki mulira 2019

    • True dat but he will robe da election results

    • Njira zimene a,abera pano zinayamba kutulukilidwa nde we just hav to be vigilante kuti asazabere anthu amenewa. Rigging is the only thing that wud keep them in power.

    • Tikazaluza a opposition ife tidzanamiziranso kut atibera…..

    • Explicit, Well articulated Synet!!

    • Mmmm mcp inatizuza ife akumwera sitigayerekezeso kuvotera mcp. Komano ndikayangana ndi dani agaime pa APM?

    • Enock, apm wakoyu ali ndi zofooka zambiri zimene zikuchepetsa mwayi wake ozawina zisankho. Mcp siinakuzunzeni kumwera chifukwa ndiimene inatukula blantyre.

    • palibe angaime mkumati adźagwetsa peter muthalika kodi a mcp simunasiyebe kuĺota masanà?kukhuta nandolo eti?mkufatsa apa a youth inu mkumanamidzaña mbwererà ngati zimenezi tazinģolimani fodya kumeneko koma zoģwetsa mutharika muiwale

    • Whether apm delivers or not we in the south we will vote for dpp unless another party is born from the south

    • Mr pasadi katole vuto ndi loti muli ku Botswana simukuziwa kuti amalawi akukumana ndi mabvuto otani. Ukanakhala kuti uli ku malawi or voti yako mutharika sakaiona. Vuto uli ku botswana komanso suzavota.

    • Ifenso aku north ndi anzathu apakati tizavotera mcp chifukwa ndi chipani chokha chingatukule dziko lino osayang’ana zigawo. Mcp izaonesetsa kuti there is one malawi one nation.

    • kkkkkk ine ndaseka waku mwera, chichokereni Kamuzu lower shire yakhala yosa uka ngati all the Presidents in democracy regime are coming from the north niether the centre.

    • Zoona liwale or chipanda kamuzu blantyre siikanakhala mmene ililimu ayi. Kamuzu anamanga bt sanayang’ne mbali. Nanji lower shire nde kutali or chaku eastern region ndi worse it is as if muluzi sankachokera kumeneko.

    • Blantyre inamagwidwa ndi asamunda asati kamuzu ukafutse bwinolomwe abuyako

    • Kamuzu brought new face to bt osati zimene ukunenazo. Chayamba house, immigration offices, Rbm offices anamanga ndi asamunda.

    • kkkkk chimandisangalasa ndichti mumatha kumatokoka kumati ife akumpoto tizavotera wakuti wakuti. koma mumayiwala kuwerengela majority rule muliko Angati inu! kumeneko kuti mukagwese muthu wakumwela shame! Amangwetu!kkkkkk.

    • Our voting population will be a million in 2019. Kumwera musamasangalare kuti kuchuluka kwanu kumakuwitsani mavoti. Kuchuluka kwanuko ndikumenenso kukupangisaso kuti mukhale amphawi kwambiri. Moti mukusangalala ndi majority pamene anthu mukusowa polima. Inu zoona maboma kaya ndi 10 koma anthu kuchuluka kuposa central ndi north. Yamabani kulera pliz. You shud not be proud of this high population, you hav no space there.





    • Kunali ena only God knows kunali anzake

    • Nanga dpp ikuopseza anthu ndima death threats nde tizaivoterenso, dpp is going down to the grave. Soon it will be history.

    • which weaknesses? . u r just an attention seeker. he is kool. so because of school fees hike then u r calling him a failure? do u want the gvt to provide free services? ? then where will it get the money to development this country? ? do u think donors have nothing to do with their money? ? u want good things but u hate suffering. McGregory said ‘human beings dislike working but will always want to enjoy…………atumbuka are useless

    • Raymond do u mean attention seeker on fb? Did you even use ur brain when coming up with unarticulatd comment. Which university fees are u talking about. Is there any type of fees to be paid by tumbukaz only. Incase u dont know, most tumbukaz are working and getting reasonable salaries than most pple from other tribes hence are able to pay school fiz for their children. Tell me if this fiz increase has not affected you. Ndalama zimene akuba a dpp izi abweze zikathandize ana ovutika ku university.

    • Why are you calling us useless?

    • Foniyo kakonzetseni a Chris Mainje ,nanga mpaka ka 4 Ku poster

    • He says we are useless, but deep inside his heart he knows that tumbukaz have an upper hand in whatver is happening in the country. From soccer to administration.

    • Ndakumva chawinga.in addition idont support any political party but those who still remember the bad MCP did must forget it. We have our constitution which gives us a right to vote, the same right we’ll use to dump the danm. Secondly: to those who know things better can see themselves that we are running to 31 years that MCP ruled under Kamuzu leadership but we haven’t done even 1/4 on what kamuzu did.sinawonemo misewu except yakamuzu.

    • kkkk Chawinga thus what is killing u guys… mtima oti mtumbuka is better than anyone in everything kkkkkk.. how many are u if Imay ask..???… kkkk.. Such statements is wht makes other tribes kuvota mwamwano kuti ndikuzikonda ngati uku muzikhalabe choncho… U mean every one doing fyn in malawi is Tumbuka????.. Watch ur mouth my friend…..Aliyense pa malawi pano akudziwa kuti ngati kuli mnyozo kwa atsogoleri olamula dziko mmalawi muno ndinuyo Atumbuka. Munayamba n5hawi ya Kamuzu up to the tyme when Kamuzu Ordered all Tumbukas to go to the North…. after it was noted that u majority of the teachers from the north were deliberately underating the system thru lazeness among others..later it was discovered that there was too much cheating during exams inthe north. Taking advantage of poor terrane where MANEB vehicles could not pass thru teachers were writting exams on behalf of students….. this coupled by favouratism thru wakwithu syndrome thus why we hv the current situation. Let me challenge u… guys malawi is one nation whelther u like it or not Governing parties and leaders will always come from majority tribes which u Chawinga are calling names and insults….Dziwani kuti its now being passed on from generation to generation…… watch ur mouth!… Ur brothers and sisters are married to those wht u call other tribes…. kkkkk…

    • As ussual, once again, to despise a Leader is abandoned in bible. 1PETER2 V17 if I am not mistaken. Ngakhale anthu akale atamuuza Mose kuti muuze Mulungu wako kuti tikufuna Msogoleri “anati msogoleri mukumufunayotu azafuna ana anu akazi, zinthu zanu, akazi anu okongolawo” amvekere iwe Mose uzimva ife tifuna ife ndi msogoleri osati ukutiuza iwezo ayi. Pita ukauze Mulungu wakoyo

    • Yassin mtesha ukunama,chifukwa ukanena zobera mayeso masiku ano zili paliponse makamaka ma school a private umu. Nchifukwa chake a uinversity of malawi anapanga introduce entrance exams. Komabe with entrance xams in place more students from the north were qualifying to the univerisity unlike other regions. Kenako panabwera munthu wansanje uyu anatisiyayu nkuyambitsa quota system. Quota system ikukuthandizani anzathunu koma ikulowensa maphunziro pasi nchifukwa chake malawi university siipezeka akati out of 10000 pa world siionekapo.

    • Interesting Chawinga… my friend change ur mindset and face reality!.. Do u know that Quota system was there during Kamuzu Banda?.????… It was Bakili who by wanting to get votes from the North he abolished the system but up until 1994 Quota system was in place… Are u sure out of 28 District an amnzeru ndi ochokera mmaboma 5 basi.. meaning out of 17million + pple only less than 1. 5 million pple are that bear intelligent children. kkkkk Ndiye mliri umenewu wakulatu ukufunika WHO irowererepo… kkk.. We know hw you guys perform in class especially @ university lever. Popanda MZUZU CORNER Ican challenge u guys we hv cream right from malaka to Makanjira who can keep u dancing with supplementary exams… Unfortunately zomwe mumayankhula pa forum ngati apa u force us to react forgetting that we hv friends from the region amene timacheza nawo bwino and probably if they read this it is as if we are talking about them…. Its not fare… Stop hatred comments. Aliyense ndi wamnzeru kungoti platform has not been levelled for along period.. Just watch out Quota system u will appreciate The Dreams Of Late Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda who first introduced this in Malawi and Ihope he is happy where ever he is to see it being implented today and the next decade to come for Iknow no leader will commit that sucide of abolishing it inthe near future……

    • only if you stays abroad. one is failing to run aparty do you think that person can manage to run the nation?

    • Mr yassin i think u are wrong again, kamuzu did introduce quota system but it was not implemented. Kamuzu did see that the system was wrong bcoz it was hindering deserving students from attaining university education hence it was scrapped. But now u can as well see that something is wrong kuona munthu ali ndi 13 points akumusiya kukatenga munthu wa 20 points. Kumbali ya nzeru, sikuti ma northerners okha ndi amene ali ndi nzeru ayi. Nzeru anzathunu ziliponso zokokera kkkk kungoti simuzigwiritsa ntchito munjira yoyenera. For example anzathu kumweraku ana mmapititsa ku jando kukaphunzira zaukulu, mmumakaachotsetsa fumbi hyena things. These are sexual things u subject ur children to and in the end leads to xul dropouts. Zinthu ngati izi kumpoto sizichitika. Mzuzu corner wanenayo ndiyandale chabe chifukwa pakali pano ndikhoza kukusimikizila kuti mwina 70% of professors ku malawi ndi aku north Drs etc nde enawa status yauprofessor kapena Dr anakaipezera kuma xul akunja nde tinene kuti kumenekonso kunali mzuzu corner kapena kuli mzuzu corner. Ananena bingu zija inali nsanje chabe u pple hav to accept that we pple, use our brains well. Munthu uphunzira bwanji ngati mutu wako ukuugwiritsa ntchito ponyamula madengu a tea, mapeyala, zinanazi, nthochi etc. Tell your children that inside their head, there is brain, use that brain in class and wherever needs be. The head is not used for carrying heve things its for thinking.

    • Kkkkk! Iwe chawinga usandisekese aphunzitse makapewa aziziwa kuti mpoto sizamasewera!

    • Yassin ndamuuza kukhala ngati wamva. Ndangoona kuli ziii kkkkk.

    • Nsanje to Chitipa all Malawians. Educated un Educated we are one.let’s criticise the wrong to let those who do wrong learn and come to a right direction.Tigwilane manja

    • If that is the case then some leaders shud also show that malawi is one and stop tribalism.

    • Kkkk iwalani maganizo amenewo panopa palibe chipani cha mphamvu ngati DPP, mwina mukulota za MCP mmmm? Mpaka pano chigawo cha ku m’mwera palibe akuchidziwa. muwina bwanji mbali imodzi tamaonani patali, achite chipani cha PP chinatha chalowetsa mpingo wa satanic umene a Malawi ambiri samaukonda kamba kopemphera ndalama osati chikhulupiliro kwa Mulungu.

    • Dpp yake ukunena iwe ndi iti, poti yakumalawi ikusasuka ngati makatani. Muikhulupilira pompano uli muchipani momo siukuziwa zimene zikuchitika. Chipanichi ndiwautali chikutha, azitsogoleri ake akadye kaye za cashgate.

    • A Chawinga mukakamila ntunda opanda madzi ngati kumalawi kuli anthu OMBWAMBWANA ndiye a mbwenumbwenu,moti kujoweniku amatha kumafa ndi njala ndalama ili mthumba kuopa kuti afunsa bwanji mtengo wa chakudya English saziwa Chichewanso ayi kkkkkkk mvesa chisoni ndi mphwete

    • Kkkkkkk mwatero achimwene a magalass

    • Mr fatsani muzinamako zinthu zoti anthu akhoza kukhulupilira osati za english izi kapenn kumbwambwana mukunenako. Kujoni ukuneneko kulidi atumbuka koma ambiri mwa iwo amagwira ntchito kumayard kwa azungu chifukwa amamva ndikuyankhula english. Pamene anzathu amitundu inayi ntchito amagwira ku mashop ama ethiopians, somalians, machina, amwenye. Kumene amayankhula chizulu akafuna kuyankhula ndi bwana ndekuti interpreter ayenera akhalepo. Akumangochi ndi awa ambiri akugwira muma restaurant umu yozinga nkhuku.

    • kkk Chawinga kkkkk…. Mtima umenewo olo mulungu wa Baraba angakupaseni upulezidenti??? kkkk Matama too much however things are changing these days …. mukhumudwa just wait and see….. how things will be unfolding….God bless leaders who hv passion.. So if u think current leaders are heartless then they are the best devils…. if it was in olympic we could say best loosers…..Quota system as designed by Kamuzu was areaction to behaviors such as these of urs Chawinga.. He didnt ablolish it himself but Muluzi. did…Interstingly olo pakhomo mwana wamithulo safuna kudya ndi amnzake… Had it been ur so called intelligent is real and intelligent there was no cause for panic because whtever the case u could survive…. koma u know well some Tumbukas who were caught writing exams for fellow tumbuka students right at the Marking center for MSCE at chilema, malosa…. Then hw do we trust such pple to be intelligent when amarker is able to write exams for atumbuka student right at the marking center… kkkkk Thus lack of self trust… U know for sure that given this platform of Quota, inthe next 10 years we shall be singing joyful songs…. Zoona mwana kumabwereza std 8 kanayi olo kafive chonsecho wina wake akumulepheretsa dala ati popereka mpata kwa wa mtundu wake and u think Mulungu can keep quite..no….

    • Kkkk yasin you are back again, i thought you hav gone for gud. You had a busy schedule today eti. Nkhani yolemberana mayeso wanenayo sizichitika ku mpoto kokha madera enewa zimachitikanso. Mayeso a chaka chino ku mpoto such incidents have not been reported koma kwinaku aphunzitsi oposa 10 anamangidwa pankhani yopeleka ma ansala. Komanso ana okhaokha kulemberana mayeso. Kumbali ya quota system wachiona chimene tikuchita masiku ano, tayamba kusintha ma sir name tikumalemba achingoni, chichewa, chiyao chisena osaiwala chilhomwe. Mubale wanga ali chanco a quota akuziwa zoti ngwaku mchinji pamene munthu ngwaku Rumphi kkkkk.

    • Mulungu azachinja nyengo za aMalawi

    • Well said sister, God is not human.

    • when?….. Anasinthakale nyengo…. only tht kuvomeleza kumativuta…

    • Mercy sathawa….ndiwe Benja wa mu Newspaper uja?…..azachinja nyengo…..kkkk
      jst like your comment…

    • Tiyanjane and ken you must wake up, things have remained the same for a long time and u say hav changed. Which type of change do u see that we dont see? Some of u pple ur brains are stuck in the past. Chomwe chasintha pano rampant corruption iyi kuti wina aliyense akungotengapo ndalama zaboma, poti palibe ozisamala ndalamazo. Ndalama zakhala ngati zamasiye, there is no one in control.

  • Kkkk ndamva kuti bola la ganja lakwera ntengo shaaaa

  • Coalition of parties is not about who will the leader, but the parties working together for a one common goal, in this case is to unsit the current corrupt government and with the people’s power it can happen. Remember in democracy you don’t take voters(citizens) for granted

  • Bola ife taluzilatu dzulo ndi mafco Maya zanu izo

  • Nothing can change opposition party leader are all of them are greedy

  • Eric Mbewe says:

    Social commentetors are they super humans or ordinary people? these commententors are the ones who don’t know anything about the future just like anybody else and they pretend to have knowledge than the others in fact there are the behind all the miserly in Malawi, Ask the udf people where are they now ? udf president is serving as a cabinet minister which doesn’t make sense to the party , remember that only God knows and l know Malawi will be back to nomal soon someone is going to govern this nation and the social commentetors will going to be surprised

  • In 2019 De Dpp Maffias won’t rig de election, i tel u!

  • Ngakhale atapanga chitaganya tizanyenya onse adzapitanso ku supreme court kukathatha kotsiliza ndimau akulu ABELANSO CHISANKHO AWELENGENSO ife a DPP Pakamuzu tikulumbilitsa APM

  • Middlesborough 2-1 Sunderland.

  • Zikuoneseratu kuti cholinga chawo sikufuna kuthandiza Malawi koma kuti alemele. Pankhani yoti mutukule dziko mtsogoleri sangasowe. Komaso cholinga chanu chisakhale kugwesa Peter Mutharika koma kutukula dzikoli. Unity for fighting against poverty not Peter please

  • ana achepa awa apm ndi more zimunyanse aziĺume ķunsana

  • Wil Waiz says:

    Oooo_ooh! Tamva,wat next? Komatu Zitetezi & makoswewa ndiye awonongatu chimanga chonse chinja pa nsalu ija,kumunda & m’nkhokwenso eti.May God hv mercy on ma mother MW.

  • Look carefully, u’ ll know him

  • Akudziwana eni akewo, osati nyasi izi akuti dpp, kupha mbendera ndiye mkumaopsezaso kamlepo chifukwa chakuti akufuna kuti pakhale chilungamo pankhani yabedwa kwandalama eeish

    • palibe fundo apa pp ndiyimene mwini carhgage ndechilungamo chiti ukunena

    • Mbuzi kaya iweyo, maina aja adatulutsidwa aja iweyo sudayaone? Umakhala kuti? Peter mthalika paekha adaba k240 billion plus nyumba ku malawi housing ndiye iwe mkumalankhula zachifine pamenepa.

    • mumudyere nunthu nkhani itiyo? kaliba ukatenge Bambo ako alamulire dzikoli wamva tione ngati angakwanitse, ndipo ukukamva za mbenderayo anakutuma iweyo a DPP kuti ukamuphe eti? ukamayankhula uziganiza l think mutu wakowo sumagwira mutu mozaza maminamo wamva

    • Mbuzi ndiwe ukukhalira pp kumbuyo eni cachgate

    • Anthu akuba sibwino ku malamula dziko ayi, ife sitidya ndale koma timafuna kuti mankhwala mzipatala azipezeka osati munthu wankulu ngati ameneyu kumaba. Bwanji akukanika kuulura maina? Akudziwa kuti iyeyo ali momwemo.

  • Kodi Ali Pa photo yi ndi ndani?