20 August 2016 Last updated at: 7:52 AM

Mafco appeals!

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has confirmed that Mafco FC have made an appeal against the organizing committee’ decision to fine and ban three of its players and an official for the fracas that happened at Chitowe Stadium last week.

Mafco FC were fined K1.2 million while Richard Mbulu was banned for the rest of the season, with Paul Ndhlovu and Stain Malata being given a six match ban each for taking a leading role in assaulting Nyasa Big Bullets players.

The punishment was also extended to team manager David Gulaimfa who was given a three year ban from all football related activities for influencing the actions of his players to attack Bullets players who were training ahead of the 2016 Carlsberg Cup quarterfinal clash.


Mafco: Against the initial ruling.

However, the Salima based millitary side has appealed against the verdict to the FA’s disciplinary committee.

FAM General Secretary Suzgo Nyirenda told the local media that despite the appeal, the scheduled match between the two sides will still go ahead.

“They have appealed against the verdict to our disciplinary committee but the scheduled match will still go ahead until the appeal is held.”

“All the suspended players and an official will still not be part of the clash until the appeal is held,” said Nyirenda.

Mafco FC will pay K450 000 appeals fee as per article 15.1 of Carlsberg Cup Rules and Regulations before the disciplinary committee seats down to discuss the matter.

It was reported that three Bullets players were ambushed by the Soldiers who were not happy with the latters decision to train at the pitch hours before the match.

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