Ghost workers hit Malawi: Chiefs warned

Public Works Programme

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Nankhumwa has warned chiefs in the country against stealing public funds by paying ghost workers in the public works programme.

Public Works Programme
Public Works Programme struck by ghost workers.

The public works programme under Masaf IV is facing challenges as some people who never participated in the works are receiving payments.

In his remarks Nankhumwa said the ministry has information that some chiefs in the country are changing figures of beneficiaries for the public works programme.

“There are several cases that government is handling where chiefs gave a bigger number of beneficiaries and some district councils have been fighting with chiefs over increased number of beneficiaries,” he explained.

Kondwani Nankhumwa
Nankhumwa: Warns chiefs.

According to Nankhumwa, there are some districts in the country where the public works programmes have failed due to disagreements between traditional leaders and technical people at district level.

When asked to name the chiefs, Nankhumwa failed to disclose them but he warned that any chief found frustrating the public works programme will be dealt with.

However, some district councils are taking measures to curb abuse of funds during the programmes. Karonga district council officials recently introduced use of identity cards when employing and paying residents who participated in the district’s public works programme.

The public works programme is aimed at empowering the poor by paying them for the development works they do under the initiative.



  1. he is warning chiefs while those involved in mk577 billion are not warned. To hell with your warning. Go and warn your fellow ministers first ukuopa chiani. mxciiii

  2. Vuto ndinu mulibe kuzitsata.Old olembedwa ofuna kugwira ntchito 1000 koma agwiradi ntchito ndi 600 ena kuma ngolandira zaulele chifukwa mfumu alinawo mayina 6 nawonso makomiti mayinanso ambirimbiri agwira bwamji ntchito vuto ndi aminister muli follow up yokhwima amakunamizani alipansipanuwo.

  3. Zazii! We want action not words. Tabwelani mu ma khonsolomu, kulemba olemela, kukondela abale ndi anasi awo, anthu amozimodzi omwewo kulembedwa ku mtukula pakhomo, madef, mabungwe ena monga cadecom

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