Don Moen jets in for Love Malawi Festival

Don Moen

One of the world’s most celebrated gospel singers Don Moen is in Malawi with a full band to perform at the conclusion of the Love Malawi Festival in Lilongwe where renowned evangelist Andrew Palau will be preaching to Malawians this weekend.

Speaking on arrival, the American praise and worship leader said he is delighted to be in the country for his first time and is also excited for this weekend when people will see him perform live at the Love Malawi Festival which is a free event taking place at the fields by Maula Prison.

“I am honoured to be here, my very first trip to Malawi,” said Moen and confirmed that he is in the country with a full band and will sing songs that people know well and can sing and enjoy.

Don Moen
Don Moen now in Malawi.

He added: “I will do familiar songs like’ Give Thanks, Thank You Lord, Our Father, God Is Good All the Time. I will just probably select songs from my standard song list.”

Love Malawi Festival is a historic event organised by the Evangelical Association of Malawi in partnership with renowned evangelist Andrew Palau and Luis Palau Association partner evangelists. The Festival kicked-off on 5th August in Ntcheu and Mzuzu.

Don Moen said he love to worship in such gatherings like Love Malawi Festival because as an evangelist himself he always feel happy to sing and prepare people’s hearts to receive the Gospel of Christ as well as witness some people surrendering their lives to the Lord.

“The reason I get excited about working with Andrew Palau is that it gives me a chance to come in full circle in my life again and once again setting up people’s hearts to receive the message of the Gospel,” he said.

According to Moen, the Love Malawi Festival is the fourth time for him to work with Andrew Palau in Africa.

“I love the combination of the worship and evangelism. Music and preaching of the word and I think the combination is very very powerful. My prayer is that God will bring hope to this nation.”

He then encouraged Malawians to “come join us Saturday and Sunday.”

On his part, Evangelical Association of Malawi General Secretary Reverend Francis MKandawire said Don Moen’s coming is a blessing to Malawi as his worship music is loved by many Malawians.

He said: “As a nation we are blessed for the opportunity to having you and Andrew Palau especially this particular time,” he said. “People have been looking forward for your coming.”



  1. Oh he I love this servant of God love his worship that song Here our cry we are your Children we need your mercy love it be Blessed Sir Moen

  2. I wish my aunt was alive the way she liked your songs.I knew him from her.,this guy can worship thru singn ie our father

  3. Pitani a christu kuti mwina akhoza kunyema paja inu ndi adyela kuyambila kale timakuziwani chi christu nchongofunda ngati blangete cho

  4. Welcome sir we love. Others they ask us to pay 25000Mk jst to hear thr songs I believe you are true man of God. Get blessed always sir

  5. Continue preaching the word of God, you bless me with your worship songs

  6. Koma Yesu ameneyi! Free entry.Koma zinazo mumva kuti 25grand. U r welcome God blec u.God wil make away.

  7. God bless you for visiting us Malawian especially me I love your Gospel songs so much ‘He will come and save you, he will come and save you lift up your eyes to him he will arise again he will come save you!

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