18 August 2016 Last updated at: 4:50 PM

Banned Mafco official blasts Malawi’s FA

He has been given a three-year ban from all football related activities by Football Association of Malawi (FAM) for inciting violence that erupted at Chitowe Stadium last week but that has not stopped him from spitting fire at Nyasa Big Bullets and the country’s soccer governing body.

Mafco believes the whole fracas was deliberately staged.

Mafco team manager Dan Gulaimfa says Bullets deliberately messed up things at Chitowe Stadium in order to force FAM to move the crucial quarter-final fixture to Civo Stadium.


Mafco: ‘Not done with Bullets yet’

According to the foul mouthed manager, the move was inspired by the FA who had earlier asked the military side to consider hosting Bullets at Civo but not at their base.

“After beating Moyale Barracks in the round of 16, an official from FAM called asking me to consider hosting Bullets at Civo but not at our home ground saying we should make more money from gate earnings so I wasn’t suprised with the verdict that came out.

“The FA had Civo Stadium in their mind and that’s exactly what has happened. We are ready to play anywhere but what we need as a club is to see justice being done. Fairness must be equal to both teams in the top flight,” said Gulaimfa.

On his three-year ban, Gulaimfa said: “I am ready to obtain a court injunction stopping the FA from imposing such a biased decision. There is no justice in it and I am ready to fight them.”

Apart from Gulaimfa, FAM also banned in-form striker Richard Mbulu for the rest of the season for taking a leading role in assaulting Bullets players, with Captain Paul Ndhlovu and Stain Malata being given a six match ban each for the same crime.

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