I am not controversial, I address issues – Fredokiss


Blantyre based rapper Fredokiss has trashed claims that he attacks government in his songs following a growing concern from some Malawians that he is becoming political.

The ghetto King Kong has a number of songs under his name which addresses issues of national interest, with his latest work to fall in this category being Zausiru. However misinterpretation of his work has become order of the day.

In a radio interview the previous night, the rapper denied aiming at the government arguing his only enemies are issues that affect people.

Fredokiss defends his lyrics.

He said that it is an overstatement to claim he is controversial, as such people should learn to understand that administrations come and go but issues have always been there and do not spare anybody.

He added that even the country’s president and others who hold positions of power have relatives who are in need as they cannot reach out to everyone. In this regard it is his responsibility as an artist to address issues such as lack of opportunities in employment and education.

Born Penjani Kalua, son to veteran politician Kamlepo Kalua, he also said that he does not have any plans to become a politician because he is more than a politician.

The minister of ghetto affairs as Fredokiss is also known, had one of his music videos, Changes, banned from state television MBC on the grounds that it has sensitive content. When he was asked to edit the visuals, he strongly refused and the video was thrown into the trash barrel.

Changes is a song that was originally done by the late 2Pac from United States of America. Fredokiss did its cover which he contextualised to fit Malawi’s environment.

Some of his songs include Ndikatseka maso, Zautsiru, and Kalawe’s Dzuka Malawi remix on which he was featured.

Currently pursuing a master’s degree in South Africa, Fredokiss happens to be one of the artists in Malawi with a large fan base. He inspires the Malawian youth through his charity works, one of which is provision of scholarships to poor secondary school students enrolled with community day secondary schools.



  1. Who is freedokiss in music industry?? And what achievement has he done to the nation?? Kumangoyim poti studio aneba alinayo basi?? We need music osati zanuzi zinthu zoti ukamvera zikusintha or something will change.We need to improve Malawians music has great impact to our lives

  2. What issues u address iweyo ndi Mp or Minister so? ufa nazo chabe kape panga zoti zikuthandize ndiwe mwana mphwanga

  3. Dzikoli pofunika kumalibvalira Condom Koti tipewe zokubva ibva, kupanda apo ndiye tidzingobva zautsiru. By fire by force Fredo Ukuitha Ndipo pamene udzilephera kukambapo Uza Madhala ako atokota samawerenga ai amakana ZAUTSIRU.

  4. Tmakutcha fredo, kumutcha fredo wa makhumutcha ofilisa boma lachikape, kumazoba mukhale freedom… umatha tikuspota kubfa timatchana tautotcha, tokanika kumatcha freedom… ngat sakuku3la aku3la by 4c

  5. we are now grown up guys, if we can manage to change or influence change lets do it..WE ARE ALL POLITICAL..The issues are affecting all of us.

  6. Before talking much of Freddoh , first you have to know malamulo nkhumi amu ghetto, otherwise TIMADANA NDI ZAUSIRU big up Tchana !!!!!.

  7. Even though am an old timer but I fell in love with the music of this youngman….By far he seems to know what he is doing….he has his own fashion of doing things….for those complaining I understand why but I don’t think it is genuine…..keep it up FREDDO

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  9. Tchana fredo is the voice 4 the voiceless when things r going wrong someone needs to speak up,those big bosses in suits feel like they can play with our lives we dont belong to them,the world doesnt revolve around politicians our opinions matters as citizens of this country .so i like wat tchana does without being afraid coz someone needs to spit some fire and that someone is tchana fredo big up tchana zausilu mayaz asamazolowele

  10. kunena kuti ntchana ndi wa ndale nde zausiluzo. nde kaya umadanan di za usilu u gotta listen to his music, kaya ndiwe wausilu kaya zausilu sumazifila u gotta listen to his music. exclusive 100% gettho mtswaaaa! ndimadana ndi zausilu…

  11. olo utapanga attack govt palibe vuto ngati zimene ukunena munyimbomo ndizoona. ambiri timaona govt pama angle asiyanasiyana. ukamapanga refute nde ukulakwisa. kungozisiya sukhala woyamba kudzudzula boma.

  12. Don’t Bother For Your Self #fredokiss, They Just Blaming Themselves Because You Just Sing Songs Which Dug Deeply In There Hearts For What Wrongs Are Through, #Mtchana.


  14. #Zautsiru! Mapwevupwevu Government think this is a kingdom where they can threaten people voice out their feelings towards the suffering of poor Malawians?ah Zautsiru zianthu izi eti!Fredo Walakwa chiani?What about those musicians who play music on the ruling party rallies,Who complain about them?#Zautsiru!!!

  15. Ntchana fredo isn’t after the goverment koma akungodana #ndizausilu koma iwowo saku judger ndi #ausiluuuu

  16. If the issues in the country affect politicians only we ain’t tackle it……….but every Malawian is affected so why put scaring speeches to be boundaries to us?
    Ntchana don’t stress dzikoli belongs to us all…….#zausilu

  17. Vuto ndilakti andale akumalawi, amalonjeza kwaphawi zithu zoti sangakwanise,ndunena pano capital city nsewu opita Ku 24,mpaka lero tar road kulibe,I feel sorry 4my country,amationelera poti ndife abata

  18. Fredo is everybody, so i do remember his song tittled Changes, nymbo ymeney ymandsutha hevey, can u jst imagine munthu kupta ku xul kumaliza 4m 4 and kupeza degree kma znthu osamactha ntchto angolembana pa chiwenewene, Fredo is not a politician kman he knows kt mavuto omwe anthu ovutkafe tmakumana nawo amachokera kwa andale omwewo, i myself i must congrulate him 4 bng confident when dressing people n his songs, Shashana

  19. Don’t be doubt, this guy one day will be a politician just like his Father Mr Kamlepo Kaluwa, since he was raised and grew up in a political background, politics is in his vain. Like father like son!

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