16 August 2016 Last updated at: 5:48 AM

Gulewamkulu jailed for rape

The Dedza First Grade Magistrate court has sentenced a 19 year-old man who raped a 14 year-old girl while in Gulewamkulu regalia to 8 years in prison.

State Prosecutor Sub-Inspector Wedson Nyondo told the court that the convict, Lazaro Maxwell, and his friend were in Gulewamkulu regalia when they met the girl at a certain bush which separates Bowazulu and Kalipande villages in the district.

Lazaro Maxwell

Lazaro Maxwell jailed.

Maxwell chased after the victim and when he caught her, he forced himself on the young girl.

“The incident was reported to Chifumbwa Police that led to arrest of the suspect and was charged with an offence of defilement,” Nyondo told the court.

In court Maxwell was found guilty and Prosecutor Nyondo begged the court for a stiff punishment to the convict saying he tarnished the image of the Chewa dance.

When passing judgement Her Worship Enett Banda concurred with the prosecutor and sentenced the convict to eight years Imprisonment with Hard Labour.

Maxwell hails from Chatondeza village, Traditional Authority Chilikumwendo in Dedza district.

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