Rapper Viceroy reveals strange title for his forthcoming single


Malawi’s hip hop sensation Viceroy has hinted on his next song which is coated in an identity with a word that never existed.

The Demeti hit maker has revealed he will be releasing the song which he tittles “Firiri” on 22 August. This will mark his return after a long absence from the scene. Malawi24 made efforts to get the meaning for “Firiri” but the rapper proved reluctant to bring out the meaning. Viceroy said he would like to present the music to his fans as a surprise therefore people will find out the meaning once it drops.

“I’m sure most people don’t know what Firiri means because it’s not a word that existed before this song came to life, hence it’d be better to let them find out what it means once the song drops,” he said

Viceroy titles his song Firiri.

Born Omega Sambakusi, the Blantyre based emcee has alluded his music break to school work which has been demanding a greater share of his 24hours. Besides the academic pressure he is also an Entertainment Director for Chancellor College, another time consuming responsibility.

However, he now has the proper formulae towards managing time that will see him continue with music while facilitating entertainment activities at his college and studying. He argues that “Firiri” has emerged from his newly acquired time management techniques.

“Juggling music, school and this new responsibility seemed a bit insane at that point. But now that I’ve got a grip on how to handle all these three things, it’s safe to say I’m back.”

The song has been co-produced by Kondwani Phanga who is also known as Aykay, and Mbanjani. Firiri has proved to be one of the highly anticipated songs done by Viceroy after his previous releases dishes a great deal of entertainment.

The list of hit songs done by the rapper includes Demeti and Ankolowa. In these songs, there are comic features that makes the artist behind them unique.