Mob Justice in Malawi: Police rescue suspected thief from angry mob

Blantyre Mob Justice

Police in Kasungu district over the weekend rescued a 30 year-old man from the jaws of death as an angry mob wanted to kill him for stealing beans and shoes.

The man, James Phiri, was caught red handed stealing three bags of beans and a bale of shoes from a warehouse in Kasungu district. Public Relations Officer Edna Mzingwitsa said Phiri wanted to steal the items from a warehouse in which businesspeople around Kasungu market keep their goods.

Blantyre Mob Justice
Mob justice on the rise: (Library)

“After noticing that Phiri was a thief, people who were around the place caught him,” she said.

Later, some people in the crowd started demanding that they should deal with the thief and others agreed with the idea.

But sensing danger, chairman of Kasungu market informed the police and the law enforces went to the scene of the incident where they took away the suspect.

According to Mzingwitsa, this comes four days after a suspected thief was beaten to death around the same area. Meanwhile police have charged the suspect with theft and he will soon appear in court.



  1. Let’s wait Mr President to announce the names of 7 minister’s who are involving in cashgate scandal after that am going to announce a date and venue….. where we are going to burn them a live lather than killing people who are stealing because of poverty….. because they cannot even try to steal if they can find a way to go through while this politician’s their enjoying life because of poor people

  2. Cashgate thieves are not burnt by mob justice. Chicken and nzimbe thieves are burnt by mob justice. I may say, that’s how life goes.


    Nothing forcibly strikes than the faces of TPLF officials – faces imbued with guilt and the haunting reality of an imminent coup, that CAN no longer be soothed by the hyperbolic gestures of the dreaded security apparatus nor by anxieties of the West.

    That coupled with a mishmash of Foreign Policy designed to function side-by-side with an exaggerated sense of “nation-hood” on mythical proportions, yet always teetering towards ethnographic revisionism (i.e. by in large dominating the psyche of the past and present vacuous regimes of Ethiopia), could only serve as a tandem of negative mutations.

    To grasp the totality of the layered and structured violence in today’s IMPLODING ETHIOPIA, one must go back to its early inception as an artificially glued and lumped together “nation” through population harvesting (predominantly with Yemenis), and thereby advancing with a logical disorder that asserts Perpetual WARFARE of the Within.

    That implies, if we collapse the two syntax into one premise (i.e. seeking glorification vs. pursuing a syllabus rendered with revisionism, so as to distort the origins of a socio-political sectarianism), something that pervades across the entire landscape of this country, then don’t be surprised to see many ethnic stocks taking arms and refusing to be sucked into the “Abyssinian” myth, and according to European scholars, this term “AITHIOPIA” coined from GREEK NEW TESTAMENT around 1600 AD, only beguiles with a self-negation to the nth degree, and it basically refers to black people (AITHO = burn and OPS = face), and you can be forgiven of thinking “Abyssinians” as friends of Black people, historians have documented it very well, in stating [you cannot make menelik to be proud of his blackness. Menelik dismissed it in public, and he told the whole world that he is Caucasian, not black], please refer to Menelik’s circular letter.

    In the same manner that hunger and starvation of the innocent civilians paid a price for and continue to do so (EVEN TODAY) at the behest of the AID’S-ABABA’s Successive corrosive regimes, and neither should it be unappetizing the cronies of the TPLF), asking vaingloriously European investors to emphasize falsity above the truth (i.e. see the world through the lens of us), then the seismic eruptions spilling over to your TV screens is indeed an opportunity to demand the relocation of the African Union Seat from the site of mass grave of innocent Oromo Civilians and Amhara, where African leaders meet at various levels year-around, without the least obituary for those fellow African Victims.

    Far from cherishing the facts on the ground, Ethiopia’s regimes (including this one, the remnants of the late poisoned Zenawi, apparently by his wife), did always resort to social order that at best favors family cartels linked to the organs of the state, and at worst cheats to accumulate wealth, thus the romanticism of “appealing to the world, while in the midst of a volatile region”, scapegoating tactics that breeds into the production of an unnatural TPLF entrepreneurs, thriving on belated, conspicuous improbable possibilities – taking democracy less seriously, ONLY TO conjure parodic executive authority that overrides institutions and still wishes to secure “real change”, is thereby a romantic impulse that must be dislodged by force.

    Gudbi Fariinta, A Liberty Report

  4. A person’s life is precious,you can not kill a person for stealing.Before you kill ask you self how many times have you stolen? Who gave you the authority to kill people? when you stole who killed you.Iam not afraid of your empty threat.What you are doing is very bad.if a person is guilt god will judge him not you.what you are doing is of the devil.God is full of love.killing belongs to the and the mob belong to the devil.what you are doing one day will haunt you.Stop this madness late the law take its cause not you!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mmmmh in as far as iknw mobjustice, that guy could’nt survive trust me. Police is nothing over angry mob, kapena apolice anachuluka kuposa mob?? Let’s be serious when Braaiiieing them(thieves) dont allow police to rescue such thugs anymore.

  6. Enanu simunabeledwepo chiyambire chifukwa mukuwaikira Ku mbuyo okubawo, koma one day muzazindikikira kawawa kobeledwa.

  7. Athu ose akubakira okuba pantumbo pawo Kodi do u think kuba ndi njira yo pezera ndalama? Kapena simaziwa mmene zimapwetekera apolice sakugwira tchito angodya misokho yathu yaulele nde tizipanga zoti zitithandize

    1. wakuba akagwidwa aphedwe kumene coz anthu oipa amenewa samamva chisoni iwo amabwera kuzapha ndikuba so ukaziwa nsanga kt kwabwera wakuba is ur lucky aphedwe ….timavutika kugwira ntchito kumazuka mamawa kumapita kuntchito pena osadya kumene ali mabugdet kt ugule katundu ndiye wina sukumuzwa angobwera from no where kuzaba aaaaaaaaaaa aphedwe

  8. Why kill people? how many times have you stolen and noone killed you.Stop this mob thing.The people you are killing the blood you spilling becarefull the lord is watching.if the lord is not killing them who are you to kill them ?shame on you.

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