Malawi Veep Chilima dresses down critics over maize crisis

Saulos Chilima

Malawi’s vice president Saulos Chilima has taken a swipe at critics from opposition parties in the country who claimed that government has not bought enough maize for Malawians.

The development comes at a time when opposition parties have expressed concern over the maize crisis arguing that government tends to give empty promises to citizens on maize availability in the country.

The parties added that the ruling Democratic Progress Party (DPP) must not fool Malawians again on the maize crisis with promises that are yet to be implemented.

Saulos Chilima
Saulos Chilima speaks tough on maize crisis in Malawi.

But speaking at a political rally in Mchinji district on Sunday, Chilima said the country has enough in stock for the citizens who are food insecure following bad weather that hit the country during the 2015/16 agricultural season.

Chilima added that government has plans to buy maize for the next agricultural seasons as reports reveal that the country might also experience natural disasters that are to affect the agricultural sector in the 2016/17 farming period.

He further assured people in the country that ‘no one will die of hunger’ as government plans to transport the staple grain from national silos to satellite depots of ADMARC.

Nearly half of Malawi’s population is food insecure following EI-Nino weather that led to persistent droughts in most parts of the country during the last growing season.

Earlier this year, Malawi government also assured citizens that maize was available as the country was buying a lot from neighbouring countries.

However, media reports revealed ‘serious’ shortage of maize in the country as people were queuing for days to buy food in ADMARC depots.



  1. Its a concern Mr VP. People are scrambling for maize nw and everybody is @ panic so just reassure the Malawians that they will not starve otherwise za enawo mmmmmmh sunganeneretu.

  2. Kamulepo ali ndi banja nanga ana alinawo amati chani akamaona bambo awa ,azeru kapena mbuzi yosusa koma ngt ali ndi ana ali ndi umuna wonyasa bamboo

  3. Munangobadwa ngati khoswe mtima wanjira basi mulungu wanu ndiye uti ,peter akambe ichi ai chilima ichi ai ufi chani?

  4. The best evidence that there is a shortage of maize is the high price of maize on the market which is between K12000 and K15000 per 50 kilograms bag of maize. Chilima is lying that there is enough maize in the country:

  5. chilima kanundu wampweteka kwambiri akuona ngati kunyumba kwake kukakhalachimanga ndiye kuti ku ADMARC kuli chimanga mbuzi ya mano kunsi kunena zoona ku Malawi chimanga kulibe Boma likupanga ma plan ogula cchimanga ndipo kunja ndipa likhala likupanga ma plan amenewa mpaka mu February anthu atayamba kufa ndi njala poti boma ili ndi boma la ma plan


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    That implies, if we collapse the two syntax into one premise (i.e. seeking glorification vs. pursuing a syllabus rendered with revisionism, so as to distort the origins of a socio-political sectarianism), something that pervades across the entire landscape of this country, then don’t be surprised to see many ethnic stocks taking arms and refusing to be sucked into the “Abyssinian” myth, and according to European scholars, this term “AITHIOPIA” coined from GREEK NEW TESTAMENT around 1600 AD, only beguiles with a self-negation to the nth degree, and it basically refers to black people (AITHO = burn and OPS = face), and you can be forgiven of thinking “Abyssinians” as friends of Black people, historians have documented it very well, in stating [you cannot make menelik to be proud of his blackness. Menelik dismissed it in public, and he told the whole world that he is Caucasian, not black], please refer to Menelik’s circular letter.

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    Gudbi Fariinta, A Liberty Report


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