14 August 2016 Last updated at: 8:48 AM

Authorities kill elephant that killed three Malawians

Game rangers and Malawi police officers have shot dead an elephant that killed three people in two districts in the central region.

The animal killed two people in Ntchisi on Saturday morning and another one in Dowa on Friday.

According to Director of Parks and Wildlife Brighton Kumchedwa, they resolved to kill the animal which is believed to have escaped from Nkhotakota Game Reserve because it proved dangerous to human life.

Meanwhile, Kumchedwa has warned people living in areas around Nkhotakota Game Reserve not to follow such animals when they are out of protected area.

elephantsHe also assured people that government is constructing an electric fence that will ensure that the animals stay inside the reserve.

Recently, wildlife experts in the country relocated up to 500 elephants from Majete and Liwonde wildlife parks where the animals have been heavily poached to Nkhotakota Reserve.

Conservationists admitted that Nkhotakota reserve already had a huge number of elephants but they felt that the move would help restore elephant populations in Malawi and Africa.

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