Zambia Elections: Hakainde Hichilema overtakes Lungu as results roll in


UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has taken a comfortable lead in the presidential race from the eight constituencies that have so far being released by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

Mr Hichilema’s tally rose to 47, 706 after President Edgar Lungu’s 41 572 after five more constituencies were announced.

The five constituencies whose results were announced by ECZ Chairman Essau Chulu after midnight were from Ikelengi, Masaiti, Vubwi, Mambilima and Mulobezi.

In Masaiti, Mr Hichilema polled 7,794 while President Lungu had 6,421 followed by Andyford Banda of the People’s Alliance for Change who managed 56.

Hakainde Hichilema

Hakainde Hichilema leads.

Savior Chishimba of the UPP was fourth with 35 followed by UNIP’s Tilyenji Kaunda who got 28 and Edith Nawakwi of the FDD who had 23 and Peter Sinkamba of the Green Party with 14 while Wynter Kabimba of the Rainbow Party received 13 votes and Maxwell Kabamba of the DA had 10 votes.

In Vubwi, President Edgar Lungu polled 6,023 followed by Mr Hichilema with 2,238 votes and Edith Nawakwi with 221 votes while Andyford Banda of PAC had 128 followed by UNIP’s Tilyenji Kaunda with 92 votes and Mr Kabimba of the Rainbow had 79 followed by UPP’s Savior Chishimba with 57 while Mr Kabamba of the DA had 25 and Peter Sinkamba from the Greens party had 22 votes.

In Mambilima constituency, President Lungu was leading with 8,492 followed by Mr Hichilema with 1,735, Mr Banda of PAC with 136 and Ms. Nawakwi of the FDD with 103 and UNIP with 57, UPP 28, DA 17, Rainbow 9 and the Greens party with 7.

Ikelengi, HH polled 12,229 while President Lungu managed 958 and FDD had 68 votes followed by PAC with 37 and Rainbow Party and UPP tied with 28 votes each while the Green party had 19 votes and UNIP with 17 and the DA got 8.

In Mulobezi, Mr Hichilema polled 7,352 votes while President Lungu received 2,058 and UNIP had 192 followed by PAC with 35, UPP 28, FDD with 21 and Rainbow party with 19 and Green party with 15 and the DA had 13.

Justice Chulu announced that the next briefing is expected at 11 Hours Sunday.-Lusaka Times.



  1. I prefer African countries should have the machine like what South Africa Electoral Commission is using.
    There will be no rigging.This is the best way than what Zambia and Malawi use

  2. They had only announced 8 out of 156 constituencies. This is slightly over 6000 votes difference, and you call that a comfortable lead.

  3. Anyway this post was 3 hours ago, but the way u described the preliminary lead as ” comfortable” was misleading. Lungu is now leading with a fair margin. Its dununa reverse

  4. Malawi 24 or 25 dont mislead pple. How do u feel eni ake aku zambia akatsutsa wht u hv posted here?… we are closely monitoring the results on various media outlets… including ija mumaidalira ija BBC….musatichititse manyazi kuti tizioneka ngati ku malawi kuli zitsiru zokhazokha….. The race is tight and its too early to state that the opppsition is leading…. confortably……

  5. #M24 you should be just quiet if u don’t know on how to report about other countries business,,how could u say a HH has taken a comfortable leading when counting is still on??stop misleading people and let us enjoy our peace we’ve ..

  6. M24 why misleading the masses. Iam on the Copperbelt province of Zambia and your HH is far from winning. Edgar Lungu has managed to win in 6 provinces out of 10.

  7. 24 follow what is happening in Zambia.Now,it has changed Lungu is leading. ECZ is gonna update results at midday.Mukangolemba apa pompo admn tulo.Follow up men!

  8. President Lungu and his party have payed the electral commission of zambia to manipulate the figures of the leading a result, the commission is delaying to anounce the results.instead, they have only anounce results for 8 constituences out of the 156 constituences in zambia. yesterday one of the senior personel in the commission gave his ID to an IT specialist so that he could have access to the server room and fortunately he was caught right there in the strong room by the opposition after being tiped. whatsap me your number if you want to se how the commission official was caught and beaten by the oposition.

    20 OUT OF 156
    ECL= 223,977
    HH= 163,847


    EL 2,058
    HH 7,352

    EL 958
    HH 12,229

    EL – 8,492
    HH – 1,735

    17. Vubwi
    EL – 6,023
    HH – 2,238

    16. Masaiti
    EL – 6,421
    HH – 7,794

    15. Chifubu
    ECL 20,260
    HH 8,342

    14. Katuba
    ECL 4,031
    HH 23,705

    Edgar 9,278
    HH 5,020

    12. Itezhi Tezhi
    ECL -1,937
    HH – 23, 422.
    11. Roan
    ECL – 12, 798
    HH – 6, 122

    10. Mpongwe
    ECL – 6, 677
    HH – 11, 297

    9. Bwana Mkubwa
    ECL – 20, 571
    HH – 7, 586

    8. Kabushi
    ECL – 22, 646
    HH – 6, 906

    7 Nkana Central
    ECL – 18, 461
    HH – 8, 692

    6. Kwacha
    ECL – 24, 582
    HH – 11, 632

    5. Mpika Central
    ECL – 8, 079
    HH – 1, 741

    4, Chinsali
    ECL – 23, 085
    HH – 1, 676

    3. Chavuma
    ECL – 1, 432
    HH – 12, 065

    2. Mwansabombwe
    ECL – 10, 455
    HH – 1, 931

    ECL – 5, 733
    HH – 2, 362

  10. Ku zambia kuli anthu ozindikila kwambiri, sapanga nawo kakakaa pa president emwe alibe kuthekela, komaso satengela kuti popeza akuchokera kuno kumwela, kapena pakati ngakhale kumpoto ayi. Pamene kwathu kuno kwachuluka mburi kwacsi

  11. The game is stil tough…am zambian but thank God we vote in Peace..we’re jst waiting 4 the final results in 156 constiuencies but parliamentary sits PF is leading..#TeamRABSON Lusaka,Zambia..#Goodmorning_Malawi.

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