13 August 2016 Last updated at: 7:31 AM

‘Courageous’ thugs steal at Malawi’s Intelligence boss Dausi

An unknown group of thugs broke into the house of Malawi’s National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) boss Nicholas Dausi where they stole property worthy Millions and cash which is feared to be in the region above K5 Million, reports that Malawi24 is following indicate.

It is reported that the thugs, robbed him some his valuable property before demanding money.

Conflicting reports have since emerged on the whereabouts of Dausi, with others indicating he was not in the house with his family and others claiming he was in the house.

It was after the robbery, that the ex Mwanza Central lawmaker called police boss Lexten Kachama who came running to the house in Area 23 in the capital Lilongwe.

It is also not known whether any of the family members in the house has been hurt or not.

Details about the robber have remained sketchy up to now.


Dausi: ‘Under threat?’

Police sources that Malawi24 approached have all remained coy to give information on the matter. We understand that the police has been directed not to make any information available to the media on the matter.

Malawi Police national publicist Nicholas Gondwa has since indicated that the matter is of national security and as such he will not provide any information now.

“ Well, Dausi doesn’t want anybody to know that his house, which is one of the most secured residences in the country, has been burgled into.” Gondwa is quoted b local media as having said.

Earlier this year, thieves broke into the house of ex Malawi President Joyce Banda in Nkhatabay District where they stole sound equipment, clothing, bed sheets and culinary utensils.

This is has come in a series of high profile robberies are daring theieves raided the house of United Democratic Front (UDF) President Atupele Muluzi as well as Malawi’s Vice President Saulos Chilima.

The insecurities have been blamed on lack of the implementation of the shoot to kill policy which had reportedly seen the dwindling of crime during the era of the late Bingu wa Mutharika.

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