Malawian opera singer to launch album

Jack Mwamondwe

Malawians will now enjoy local opera music which is also known as classical music as an opera album is to be launched this month in the commercial city of Blantyre.

On August 28 this year, people from the commercial city and other surrounding areas will witness the launch of a classical album by the country’s well known opera artist Jack Mwamondwe at the multipurpose hall.

In an interview with this publication, Mwamondwe who is also known as Sir Kika said all is set for the launch of the long awaited album.

He said the album is titled ‘My Redeemer Litheth’, which also the title of a song inspired from the book of Job chapter 19 verses 25 to 26 in the Bible.

Jack Mwamondwe
Jack Mwamondwe heading to album launch.

The album has songs such as Makolokoto, from Isaiah 40 verse 4, You Raise Me up, Libium Libium, and Nessus Dorma.

“All is set for the long awaited album, My Redeemer Litheth. So am asking the general public to come to the launch and enjoy the opera music for the first time in the history of music in Malawi. Come in your large numbers, the long awaited album is now here,” said Sir Kika.

He further said his plan is to bring this type of music into the country, to reach out to the needy class which include orphans and prisoners, and to create job opportunities for musicians after the establishment of an orchestra which needs many musicians.

The launch will see supporting artists such as Joyful Souls, We Are One, Machitidwe a Atumwi, Davie Chiwaya, School Choir and Orchestra, and Brian Mundy a pianist from England spicing the show.

Opera music is made up of vocal pieces with instrumental accompaniment and usually with orchestral overtures and interludes.

In some operas, the music is continuous throughout an act; in others it is broken up into discrete pieces, or “numbers,” separated either by recitative or by spoken dialogue.



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