Malawi Govt. to train special needs teachers

Malawi teachers

The Malawi Government says it will train special needs teachers to make sure that children with disabilities in the country have access to education.

According to spokesperson in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Manfred Ndovi, government will make sure that special needs teachers are trained since the country is in need of 2000 special needs teachers to reach more children.

“As government we are embarking on various programs to make sure that special needs learners are reached out,” said Ndovi.

Malawi teachers
Special needs education to get trained. (Library)

He added that the ministry will train some teachers who already works in public schools so that they should be able to teach special needs leaners in the government schools.

“We are training the teachers to increase the number of special needs teachers in the country’s schools,” he said

According to Ndovi, government came up with the initiative to make sure that everyone in the country has a chance of acquiring education.

He expressed hope that increasing the number of teachers will alleviate some of the challenges that students with special needs are facing in the country.



  1. Maloto achumba amenewa! The way this story has been written does not give any evidence as to when,how these trs will be trained. Dreaming in colour

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