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Chanco student, works with Zambia’s Jerryfingers, AK in new song

After his million dollar appetiser entitled Zaine which features Zambian music giants General Kanene and B1, Malawi’s afro sounds maestro who is a Chancellor College student Lincon is back with another banger called Bluetooth.

A combined effort of top billed producers, Zambia’s Jerryfingers and Malawi’s AK, miraculously baked the product much to the ear’s satisfaction.

Currently enjoying massive downloads on Malawi’s top music sites under the influence of its positive message that has been delivered creatively, the song is here to change lives.

In an exclusive interview with Malawi24 yesterday, the singer said the song is all about encouraging people to employ protective measures as they run a risk of contracting HIV/AIDS for prevention sake.

He added that people should not act as if they are always looking for sexual partners.

“Bluetooth is a song title that symbolises that people should not be walking as if they are always searching for each other with the aim of just having sex even without knowing each other well,” says Lincon.


Lincon features JerryFingers in latest project.

The message has been skillfully delivered through the use of literally devices. He uses metaphors, and symbols among other elements in getting the message across to the receiving ear.

This is one of the many gifts many artists do not posses. He sings on the chorus: “Zomayenda utayasa Bluetooth, nkumapanga search ma device, nzosakayikisa wulowesa ma virus, ukapanga detect, ukapanga connect, ngati suzipanga protect, Edzi upanga contract, ndi Bluetooth.”

Lincon who is also known as Mr Zaine tied a knot with music in 2012 and collaborated with Kanene and B1 two years later in a project that was solely funded by his uncle.

Bluetooth is for download here.

Both the audio and video for Zaine were recorded and shot in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka.

The 25 year-old has since the onset of his music career worked in absence of promoters. His passion for Afro beats plus the sweetness in his voice make him an artist to sign.

Born Lincon Moses Malamulo Kabaghe, he adores Tay Grin on the local scene even though their music fall in different genres.

He says he admires the Nyau King’s hunger for quality music and his desire to market Malawi.

Internationally he gets inspired by the works of 2 Face Idibia, Flavour, and Wiz Kid.

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