Driver fined for killing two people


A reckless driver who hit a cyclist and a pedestrian to death has been fined in Dedza district.

District police spokesperson Cassim Manda confirmed that the driver has been ordered to pay a fine of K1.1 million.

Manda identified the driver as Onesimo Makandanji, 38, of Mbapi village in the area of Traditional Authority Nankumba in Mangochi district.

CourtMakandanji who was driving a Toyota Opa registration number CZ 5060 last week hit and killed the two people at Kalinyeke trading centre and both died on the spot.

The vehicle also hit and demolished a kitchen where 50 year-old Malita Kanjiwa was cooking before hitting another house where it stopped.

The driver was arrested and charged with reckless driving.

In court, First grade Enete Jiya Banda sentenced him to pay a fine of K1.1 million or in default to spend 24 months in jail.

The reckless driver Makandanji has since paid the fine.



  1. Yeah chilangocho ndichimenecho, koma unikirani bwino. Chifukwa munthuyu, sanachite dala kupha anthu ziwani kuti masiku ano kuli satanic atha kulowa mwaiye ndimuchititsa ngozi. Pamene iyeyo anali akuyenda bwino-bwino panseu, komansotu ameneyu ndi munthu oti ngati atakhala kunja atha kugwira nawo ntchito zachitukuko chaboma.

  2. What do you call this? Is this justice?
    A driver killing two people, driving into someone’s house, and gets a fine, or a two year jail sentence?
    And someone marrying a 14 year old girl gets 24years behind bars? Where is justice there?

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