11 August 2016 Last updated at: 6:20 AM

Chanco students to drag Malawi Police officers to Court

The impunity that the Malawi Police has enjoyed is slowly coming to an end following the news that students from the University of Malawi are planning to drag the law enforcers to court.

According to media reports, the students under the support of the Malawi Law Society will be dragging the Police to court for beating up their colleagues during demonstrations against the University fee hike that was announced by the University Council.

Media reports have quoted the MLS as saying that they have compiled testimonies from the students which they want to use in advancing a case against the law enforcers.

Malawi24 understands that the students are seeking compensation from the officers whom some of them were captured on camera beating up two female students.

Unima Chanco Zomba Malawi Police viciously beat university students

Malawi Police Officers tortured Girls at Chancellor College

President of the Chancellor College students union Sylvester Ayuba James disclosed that the students will be suing the attorney general as a representative of the Police.

In the days of the protests, the Police beat up students and also set on fire some student rooms after the students had forced a convoy that carried wife to US Vice President turn back. The US second lady, Jill Biden was in the country on official assignments and she met with the wrath of the students.

Following the spate of protests, President Peter Mutharika met with the student leaders and had a dialogue which resolved to reduce the student fees by K50,000.

However some students who attended the meeting revealed that the reduced amount was forced to them and they have vowed to keep protesting the hike.


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