7 killed in bus accident


An accident which occurred in Ntcheu on Wednesday night led to the death of seven people and left two others with serious injuries.


The bus which was involved in the accident

Two women, two males and a two year-old girl died on the spot after the bus veered off the road and overturned.

According to Ntcheu Public Relations Officer Gift Matewere, the accident occurred at around 11:30pm on 10 August 2016 at Mlangeni along Ntcheu Dedza M1 road.

Matewere said that the Premier bus registration number NA 4430 which was being driven by 40 year-old Richard Nyirenda was coming from Blantyre heading to  Lilongwe with over 60 passengers on board.

When the vehicle reached Mlangeni the driver – whom according to Matewere was fatigued – lost control of the vehicle and it swerved near a dirt verge.

“Due to the impact 4 unknown females, two unknown males and a 2 year-old girl died on the spot due to head injuries and multiple fractures,” said Matewere.

He added that two other passengers identified as Chrispine Mzumara aged 57 and Gladys Kazembe aged 22 sustained serious injuries while the remaining passengers and the driver escaped with minor injuries.

Meanwhile, some of the injured passengers are receiving treatment at Ntcheu District Hospital.



  1. Very sad news R I P.Quick recovery to the injured.Those worried by the word ‘killed’ are shocking me ’cause it is a right word.

  2. chenjezo kwa madriver anzanga mukuyenela kuyenda mosamala maka from NU ndi DZ miseu ija ili ndi ma sharp bend amene ali opusisa zed ,60 km/h its ok wth this speed lmt to control ur vehicle z simple in abad situation lik this

  3. Titero kut pepan anafedwa komanso kwanzanthu mwatisiya muuse mumtendele . Now am talking about mutindinu omphuziranu mitumbo yanu primaryo mutivutayoyo tseki

  4. Mungolalata apa inu simukuona kuti ndi mwana wa school, anakampuzila bwanji kodi mtima ozikonda mulimbikitseni azaziwa kulemba bwino patsogolo. Onse ine ndingoti pepani kwa onse ofeledwa, amene avulala Mulungu awachize mwansanga.

  5. Amalawi enanu mumatichitisa manyanzi. Mumafuna kumazitenga ngati mumaziwa Enghlish chikhalirecho muli nayo kutali kwambiri….. mlembiyi walakwisa chani pamenepa? Sibwino kufuna kuzindikira pagulu mulinso osazindikira. Nkhaniyi ndiyomvesa chisoni kwambiri…. RIP our loved1ns.

    • Tony Damson that’s not a point…… In point of view….I’m pretty sure he has done that considering that English is our official language & second language @ the same time.
      Additional 2that, some people doesn’t understand Chichewa.
      Remember in malawi w’ hv got 13 languages.
      Remember that, our country Malawi….even though is poorest country in the wold. Bt still we have got different pipo from all over the world. This pipo can happen that some of there loved 1’ns r also involved in this accident.
      Lastly I jst wanna beseech you that some times it’s not good to rush on condemning or judge On something b4 u think correctly because this world is too big 4 us. Wn u think about the world don’t think of masambanjati yokha olo kweluza ……,, kikikikiki sorry Mr Damson timangofuna kuwunikilana basi. Musale Bo.

  6. my advice pliz mabwananu stop forcing drivers to drive wen dey told u d@ dey ar tired dey want to rest.b4 u judge here u shud no d@ de 1 hu oz driving z related to de owner ov de bus and h oz forced drive while h sayz h z tired enw may dea soulz rest in peace

  7. brother….this is the bus that has taken your life….ha! only God knows…. we will miss you Dobis…we will miss u Dobie…..RIP MY BROTHER

  8. We are now leaving in a crazy world where the news we can hear on the radio,see on tv is always about the perishing of humankind.We know that oneday everyone will take the same route,the death route but a suddenly death it is always very pain.R I P.

  9. That’s too bad, but my message to Malawi 24 is please can u fire your news writer? Coz he doesn’t know how to write news or to inform people about what is happening in and out of country