Zitete zavuta: Lower Shire under a locust attack, life of Malawians in danger


They had gained prominence on social media as food that the President recommended for Malawians and now they are finally on the ground, only that they cannot be appreciated as food in the way that they have arrived.

Malawi24 has reports that locusts have started terrorising areas of the Lower Shire districts of Nsanje and Chikwawa.

Published reports seen by this publication indicate that an army of locusts has descended on the two districts destroying crops in their wake which had been planted to alleviate the hunger situation that has hit the country hard.

The locusts have also been said to have invaded the sugarcane farms for Illovo.


Locusts have hit the Lower Shire. (Google image).

A source spoke to Malawi24 indicating that government was moving in to contain the situation. He also indicated that Illovo had already started spraying insecticides to wad off the impact of the locusts.

This development however appears to risk the lives of some Malawians who have resorted to eating the locusts in the face o hunger.

“The insecticides used to kill these locusts are harmful and it is the case that people are still picking the locusts to eat and sale them,” said a source.

The source disclosed that in the extreme case, the chemicals can lead to death of human beings.

“This is serious and people need to be cautious in their consumption of ‘ziwala’, or they should just stop altogether,” he said.

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