US pastor who raped Malawian boys jailed for 25 years

Gerald Campbell

An American pastor, Gerald Campbell who raped orphaned boys was sentenced on Tuesday in federal court to 25 years in prison for sexually abusing children in his care at an orphanage in Malawi.

Campbell, 66, raped eight orphans, including one who infected with HIV, at the Victory Christian Children’s Home in Malawi between 1997 and 2009.

A Reuters report states that Campbell pleaded guilty in May, could have faced up to life in prison, according to papers filed in federal court in Texas.

Gerald Campbell
jailed for 25 ears.

Campbell reached a plea agreement and admitted to engaging in sexual acts with eight minors, all of whom were orphans living at the Victory Christian Children’s Home in Malawi between 1997 and 2009, U.S. prosecutors said.

“Campbell admitted that he knew that what he was doing was wrong and that he thought nobody would believe the minors if they reported the abuse,” they said in a statement.

He told U.S. investigators he lured children, including one infected with HIV, into his home to sexually abuse them. The home had more amenities than the orphanage and he used that to entice a few of the children to live with him for several months, court papers said.



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  2. Idisagree With V Sentence V Pastr Is Sentenced.Why Dd V Orphans Silenced Thmslvs Fr 25yrs?Why Malawi Is Always Gud In Erecting Mountains On Valleyz?Mwaona Mwamdyela Zatha Basi Mumpezere Vuto.

  3. Many people are continuously being blinded in the name of religion.Our government is weak and paralyzed that can’t even asses these assholes before they start spreading their diseases in this country.We gotta stop showing tooth to these monsters man kill them all if found doing such shit again.

  4. What type of a pastor is this we have our pastors in. Malawi we don’t want somebody came and do stupid in the name of religion 30 years in prison it will be good

  5. fufuzani ma orphanage enawanso especially with these white people coming with Bibles in their hands as if they truely know God nkumati they want to help needy Malawian young ones osadziwa kuti akudzalowetsa ziwanda zawo!!!!dzuka malawi ndipo uyu wandinyasa heavy

  6. eish mapastor amasiku ano……………. #wolves

  7. The Devil pastor must be deported to Malawi to taste the sweetness of Mikuyu Prison.That evil pastor need life lmpresonment.

  8. Pastor raping boys? A male pastor raping boys?
    A male pastor raping male folks?
    A male pastor raping male orphan folks?
    Eeeeeeh nzinaso izi.

  9. So he rapped the boys here…isn’t he supposed to convicted in Malawi?…this is bullshit_I don’t a point where a Malawian can rape American boys and stand trial in Malawi…..on a very high level of hate right now

    1. No European nation would ever accept their citizen to be incarcerated and languish in third world countries! Never! and probably, our courts would have solicited a bribe to let him Scot free! Between dollar $ and Kwacha, stands a devil!

    2. First it’s American not European… My point is on the inequalities present now…if it was a Malawian, he would have been jailed in America with ease but not the other way around… I acknowledge the inequalities -that does not mean I should not hate the inequalities… Complende¿

    3. tell me which rape case in Malawi got 25 years, child defilement av seen many cases getting 12 max in Malawi… rape cases barely make it to court,zimangothela Ku police..American justice is the best.

  10. Anao mwati ndi aku Malawi ndiye mzake wa Anivayo abwere kuno, azagwire ndende ya ku Nsanje. “A white hyena nabbed overseas”

    1. “Raped” is the most appropriate word. “Sodomy” involves CONSENSUAL sex between two men (or women), mostly in countries where homosexuality is prohibited…

    2. Boss, check properly the words coz even the dictionary is very clear about their differences. According to the dictionary i am using, Sodomise has been defined as to perform anal or oral sex upon a person especially if against his will. Im sure the offender might be involved in such acts.

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