JaxStar name drops Tay Grin in new song: defends his ‘lame’ bars

JaxStar released a new song on Monday and in it he has made references to Tay Grin and other rappers.

But name dropping is not strange in Hip Hop spheres, Malawi is no exception.

Artists drop names for lyrical references and in an attempt to settle the score. Holy Hip Hop artist, Pastor David Kalilani formerly known as Stix has made a name for his name calling antics. In mid-2000’s, he released a the critically acclaimed hit “Exodus” in which he attempted to bring Third Eye, Jolly Bro, Barry one, GD, Marcus, Dominant One and Tay Grin closer to Christ.

This year, he again released “Osaopa” in which he called out Prophet Bushiri on deception, infidelity and using magic to perform miracles claims. In 2014 Genni Black released ‘Dats dat heat” which sparked controversy over some names that were dropped in reference to some lyrics. In the song, Genii raps, “with all respect, am never D1 or Third, if I’m the One I can’t be second to Third”.

Jaxstar goes haywire.
Jaxstar goes haywire.

Apparently, Third Eye was not impressed. He went on to rant on social media and recorded his response “Genii Wack”.

The latest addition to this list is Jaxstar’s new song “Jealousy”.

Contrary to most name dropping songs, “Jealousy” seems to be a wholly positive song. He raps:

“My boy Gwamba rose again, he born again/ He got better with better/ Now ni**z they be bitter/ They need help. They need Jesus/ Industry is full of Judas/ Jealousy and envy they ain’t G/ I sense a lot in music scene/ In industry, gossipers are in the streets/ Chavura boy graduated/ His bars are under rated/ Sense of humor, got us laughing/.

“They say his bars are too weak/ Write your own and make us laugh/ They need help, they nerd school/ Tay grin got the green/ Ni**s say his kinda greedy / His bars are kinda lame/ So you got the bars huh? And his got the buzz yeah? Only rapper with a feature brick and lace, 2 face,/ You can trace his video on trace/.”

Speaking in an interview on Monday, Jaxstar said the song is simply addressing jealous which has been a cancer to Malawi music industry. “We need to stop pulling each other down when we see others doing well.

Let’s learn how they do it and capitalize on their mistakes. We can’t progress if we keep on fighting each other. Unity is a key to success,” JaxStar highlighted.

“Jealousy” was released on Monday, 08 August 2016. It was produced by Black Eye and BFB.

Meanwhile, another one of JaxStar’s hits “Not the only one” video has debuted at number 5 on Zodiak TV’s FreshOnZodiak Top 5 chart.



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