Greedy Malawians warned to stay away from Zambian elections 

Zambia Elections
Zambia Elections
Zambia Elections tomorrow.

Might be the love for voting or just simple greed that they will get free materials if they participate in a neighbouring country’s election.

Authorities from Zambia have warned Malawians against voting during the forthcoming general elections in the country.

Media reports revealed that thousands of Malawians registered to vote during the Zambian general elections on Thursday this week, a development that has angered Zambian counterparts.

Malawians sharing boundary with Zambia from Mchinji district disclosed that they have been paid to vote for some political parties in the country.

Mchinji District Commissioner Richard Hara confirmed to have received complaints from Zambia and he has since warned Malawians against voting in the neighbouring country during the election.

Hara further expressed concern that the development might spoil Zambia-Malawi relations as it will push the country to have undesirable leaders.

Edgar Lungu
Edgar Lungu faces tight competition.

Communities that have been involved in illegal registration in Malawi include Chamveka, Chidambo, Lu kato, Thumba, Chibwana in just mentioning some but a few.

There are nine presidential candidates in the Zambian elections though 59 year-old President Edgar Lungu of the Patriotic Front and 54 year-old Hakainde Hichilema of the United Party for National Development are the favourites.

To secure the presidency, the winning candidate must amass at least one vote more than 50% of the total votes. During the elections, Zambians will also be voting in a constitutional referendum which will decide whether to amend the bill of rights.



  1. Yeah that’s unfair and Malawian to vote in Zambia

  2. When does this started that Malawians must vote in Zambia this is wrong how could a Malawian know that the 1 he/she is voting is a right person to be in power ? and what will a Malawian benefit from that vote asiyileni eni ake

  3. If you have been to bordering areas, it’s difficult to tell who is a malawian and who is zambian.pple move to anyside anytime and speak the same language.

  4. Please our good neighbours stay away from our elections. Let us decide on our own for our peaceful mother Zambia. One Zambia One Nation. Lungu 4 plot 1.

    1. by constitution ZAMBIA IS A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY.thats why nobody in that country raises a finger when pastors join politics! our nebas are of the collar have been strewn all over Zambia’s political spectrum for decades!

    2. #aChikwakwa…ndinu mbuli,in papers yes,simunamve za Xenophobia pakatipa kumeneko ?an2 kuotchedwa amoyo…kukonda kuyamikira za kunja basi mxiew!

  5. sometimes we go only for mistakes without seeing what causes such malawians to vote their some malawians their having citizenship their meaning have the rights to vote their

  6. This is very worrying. These elections are for the people of Zambia, how can a reasonable Malawian stoop so low into voting in another country?
    Regardless of the money, one has to consider the plight and dignity of other people.
    Imagine if the Zambians were the ones participating in our elections, how would we have taken it?
    Let the Zambians wish be fulfilled, without outside interference!

  7. That’s true, we must not infecting Zambians since we don’t use condoms,am scared of our disease called cashgate and corruption.

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