Govt repatriating Malawian women from Kuwait

Francis kasaila

The Malawi Government has started repatriating Malawian women who found themselves stranded in Kuwait where they went to work, Malawi24 has learnt.

Over 30 women were reported to be stranded after being tricked that they will get better jobs in the oil rich country.

The women also had their travel documents confiscated by their employers hence they have been asking for help to get themselves back home.

Meanwhile government has commenced a campaign of repatriating all the women who reportedly suffered abuse at the hands of their employers in Kuwait.

Confirming the development to the local media was the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Francis Kasaila who said as of now four women are already in the country from Kuwait.

Francis kasaila
Kasaila has confirmed the development.

The minister added that the four arrived in the country on August 2.

He was however concerned that the number is still rising saying as of August 1 there were 24 girls and now they are over 30 girls.

“We shall still have nine more girls by the end of August who will remain in Kuwait. The main challenge is that some of the employers of these girls sued the girls.”

“The girls were sued for breach of contract and we are trying to discuss with the employers so that they should be let free and we were thinking of ways of getting the girls back home and we found that the best way is getting them through deportation centres and that’s what we are doing right now,” said Kasaila.

He then thanked the government of Kuwait for helping them get the women through the deportation centres and further said by the end of August they will have repatriated 24 women hence they will remain with nine others who are yet to be identified.



  1. Good. Next time act quickly. You dont know how it feels to find yourself a destitute in a foreign land. You miss family and friends’ laughter and banter. Even therere is mentally highly valued.

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