Chewing gum kills Blantyre boy

Chewing gum.
Chewing gum.
Chewing gum. has cost a life. (Google image)

A seven year-old boy has died in the commercial city of Blantyre after choking on a chewing gum he was enjoying.

The deceased, Brian Phiri who was in standard 1 at Naisi Primary school got choked on Monday this week in the city.

Confirming the development, Limbe Police assistant spokesperson Widson Nhlane said the boy fell unconscious after choking.

He was then taken to Namatapa health centre where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Postmortem result revealed that the little boy died due to suffocation as the gum blocked his windpipe in his body.

Phiri hailed from Mondiwa Village, Traditional Authority (T.A) Machinjiri in Blantyre.



  1. God has allowed this to happen so as a lesson to us all that death is even closer than we expected. It can happen and we’ve heard & with our own eyes seen these tragedies but we are not yet repenting. If such a sudden death haunts you, where will you live eternally? Glory be to God Almighty. He gave and He’s taken.

    1. That is not God’s work, God wouldn’t let a kid full of life to die to show his coming or to get souls or receive glory. Where in the bible did you get that?

    2. Can a person face calamity without God permitting the devil to lay his evil hand upon the person? Read Job :7 1 2 . Does the devil has power to take life without God’s will?

  2. Zinazi tizionanso mbali zinazo .Izi ndi masilamusi.Amalawi Kofi mukasowetsa anzunu chonchi inu mudzspita kuti.story.

    1. ine ng’ona inand2lukila mutot ya kachaso mwamway mkulu anasandukayo anali wa sda ndye sankchta beer eeeeee anabwerela mwakawawa2

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