Fertiliser Subsidy beneficiaries reduced: 600 000 Malawians taken out

Fertiliser subsidy malawi

The Malawi government has slashed the number of beneficiaries for the Farm Input Subsidy (Fisp) from 1.5 million to 900,000 in the 2016/17 agricultural season.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture Hamilton Chimala said the development follows a slash of K17 billion allocation to Fisp program in the 2016/17 budget by the ministry of finance

“In the budget, the minister allocated MK43 billion out of MK60 billion to the program and this will target only nine hundred thousand famers who are poor from rural areas of the country,” said Chimala.

Fertiliser subsidy malawi
Fertiliser subsidy beneficiaries reduced. (Image credit): UN.

The Malawi Government introduced the large scale national programme in 2005 in order to subsidise agricultural inputs, mainly fertilizer and seeds for maize production.

The program saw smallholder farmers paying for a bag of fertilizer at a very low price while some seeds were being provided for free to citizens.

However, Fisp program became under criticism after some stakeholders deemed it to be unproductive in helping Malawi to be food secure.

Stakeholders argued that the program was not meeting targeted people and it was used as a channel for government officials to pump funds into personal accounts.



  1. Kudos Mr president,It is time now for Malawians to be self Independent. Government has a lot of work to do.Kudos for the reduction once again. Zaulele ayi!!!!

  2. Kodi utsogoleri wa dziko la Malawi ukupita kuti
    ?zoona kutsitsa kutsitsa kumeneko,bwanji osangosiya kusiyana ndikuti mumenyanitse anthu m,midzi.Ndiye mufunadi kuti a dzidya dzicheche ndi a buluzi eti

  3. Imwe aboma yambani kulima mwekha ixe zatikanika waka …ise mutipezele zina zochita anganya kaya mutisegulira ma company ife ufu tidzigula kwa imwe…..mwapulika

  4. Bullshit! You have witnessed the country wide starvation due to shortage of food, and yet you boast about slashing subsidies to poor Malawians? Is the government happy that Malawians are dying of starvation? How do eradicate this hunger issue then?
    Or maybe you are there to promote it?

  5. Bingu Anayambitsa Macoupon Nthawi Yomweyo Kutsitsa Mtengo Wa Fertilizer Pogula kuchoka 12pin To 5pin Ndiye Awa Akungotsitsa Chiwerengero Koma Osanenapo Mmene Tizigulira Okwera Mtengowo,kaya

  6. Mabungwe otikonda life amalawi atipasa zindlama zambilimbili zogonjesela njalai sindikufuna kunva kuti wina wagwanayo njala

    1. Hey! subsidy is not away to go.This is a non starter we need to find other ways of boosting Agri prod in Malawi.Leave Mr.President alone.

    1. Farmers can form clubs and get loans.They should not depend on Government.There several micro finance Institutions out there.

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  8. This govt is not a listening its a govt of full arrogantic and kaak ,these DPPgurus wat they want is to steal, and then lie to poor sleeping Malawians that everything is oky ,yet on the ground these pupolow chiefs busy fighting with their people in the village .May be the people from the South they are happy with this govt policy?

  9. Malawi should welcome Permaculture and jump into,whilst there are no worries of chemical fertilizers and seeds.whereby there are no reducing the number of people who could be benefits on the particular season no! Permaculture it tells us the sustainable way of living,so its resilliant way of farming.Believe me you never regrets Permaculture its moto!! you are welcome.

  10. The best thing to do is just to stop this fertilizer subsidy program… instead of this, government should be farming and sell the products to us at reasonable prices. Government has all capabilities of farming the whole year by using irrigation systems which most farmers that are getting fertilizer subsidy cannot manage. With climate change, farming has become a big challenge. Today you give someone fertilizer at subsidized price, tomorrow the same person has no food due to poor rains, droughts etc… It’s money being poured into a leaking bucket. It will never get full. Dzuka Malawi!

    1. I agree with u man example south Africa…….but why us our mentality always is low …..zimandikhudza bwanji

  11. Kunena zooona , Bingu adali namandwa pa nzeru zochtira zinthu. Chalaka bakha nkhuku singatole. Pa campain mumalonjeza zambiri ngat ndalama izidzachkera mthumba mwanu

  12. Mhmhm, instead of Increasing that number, our Govnt is Reducing lol, where is our country going? Next thing is just to stop it completely. Malawi for sale!

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