Destroyed! Malawi Court orders disposal of confiscated beer

Malawi beer

Police in Mzuzu recently confiscated different kinds of beer being sold in undesignated places in the city during one of their night sweeping exercises.

The security exercise led to the arrest of over ten individuals including some beer custodians.

After the accused individuals were charged, convicted and committed to community service, the Magistrate Court also ordered that the beer, whose exact value had not been established, be disposed.

Malawi beer
Destroyed. (Image Credit: Mana)

The beer included several bottles of Carlsberg, Chibuku beer, 750 ml bottles of Brandy, Powers No 1, Malawi Gin and other kinds of sachet spirit beer.

Police told Malawi News Agency at the court premises that the beer confiscated was being sold at night around Mzuzu Bus Depot and Masasa Location among other places within the city.

MANA’s Chikumbutso Kajani witnessed and captured the beer disposal exercise behind the court building in the presence of police and court officials. The latter included Senior Resident Magistrate Major Mbewe.-Mana



  1. malawian courts. are so poor at making decisions,,I guess these are the same judges who approved of burning the Ivory instead of finding a way of using the materials in a positive way

  2. Ma court akumalawi ndiokàikisa momwe amapangira ziganizo zawo..!! Osangondipatsa ine bawa-yo bwanji olo ikanakhala ya expire ndkanaona kut ndipanga bwanji..!! Kufuna kutukwanidwa etiii…..

  3. … useless cruel magistrate..! these people were arrested and given a community service as their punishment. so destruction of their commodities is a double punishment for a single crime committed, was it not fit for consumption? were they expired? … charge the magistrate for office abuse……..

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