Bullets in commercialization drive

Noel Lipipa

 …looking for investors

Nyasa Big Bullets new Chairman Noel Lipipa says the club is set to go into serious commercialization by allowing investors to buy some shares with the aim of taking the team to greater heights.

Speaking during a joint press briefing with sponsors Nyasa Manufacturing Company (NMC) on Tuesday morning, Lipipa said Bullets needs serious commercialization to treat the club as a business entity.

He said it was high time the team started making billions from possible investors to move from the current state to a position where it will be able to stand without relying too much on sponsors.

“Commercialization is needed to take the club to another level. We will be looking for five investors to buy some shares as one way of investing into the team.”

Noel Lipipa
Lipipa says Bullets needs to grow.

“This will see us making money that will enable us construct a stadium for the club in line with plans of Nyasa Manufacturing Company,” he said.

Commenting on the development, NMC’ Chairman Konrad Bucckle said as sponsors, they would love to see the club to raise half a billion per year through commercialization.

“To commercialize, you need to have investors on board who will invest by having controlling stakes in the club. As Nyasa, we would love to be part of the commercialization process by buying shares so that we can take the club forward.”

“To be a strong club, we need to start making money for now and the future but this can only be made possible by coming up with creative ideas to try to look for problems at hand and solve them. We need to bring other sponsors on board who will be able to pay the monthly fee and look for ways on how to raise funds for the club, we need to invest,” he said.

During the briefing, Lipipa announced that his executive has obtained a K42 million loan from the sponsors to pay the players their signing-on-fee.

He said Bullets will pay back the loan in the next four years as the sponsors will be getting K10 million from the K100 million they recieve annually.



  1. osangothamangga magazi ayi guys funsani kaye kuti ma shares ake aziyenda bwanji nanga ayambila pa ndalama zingati chifukwa tingoyelekeza sapota aliyense wagulako a 5 grand timu ingakhale ndi ndalama zingati ,osati ma sapota kuthamangila kukhala mageti iyayi matimu anzathu kunja uku sali manja mwa masapota tikutsalila ndife please ganizani bwino anzanga amaule sibwezi panonso tikumalimbana ndi sponsership ayi

  2. Sono masapota abullets muli olandilidwa ku noma team yanu yagulisidwa nde masapota akana kugula ayasa ati iwo amangofuna team shap

  3. tell the people on the processes: protocols: team status : share distribution: legibility to own shares: maximum shares per individual: how will the team be managed after selling shares: Team under trusteeship vs ownership: marketing and commercialisation of communal property: selling BB is a non starter : selling shares without aggreed standards by all stakeholders is against justice in legal deals

  4. Thats the development we would like to hear bwana Lipipa and thumbs up please

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