Nomads team Manager unhappy with his players: They will have me fired


They have been spending millions on recruiting new players but their performance in the top flight is not what team manager Steve Madeira expected from his boys.

Be Forward Wanderers had to score a late equalizer in their 2-all draw away to Epac FC on Saturday, a result that did not go well with Madeira who told reporters that his players will one day get the technical panel fired.

“We are a big team and we must perform like a big team. Coming from behind against Epac FC is a worrisome development considering the fact that we have been spending big in the transfer market to improve our performance in the league but it’s not happening.”

Steve Madeira

Steve Madeira says his players must up their game.

“This kind of performance from the boys will get us all fired from our respective positions because it’s unacceptable to spend but not to produce good results so sometimes we fear for our jobs,” said Madeira.

He then advised his players to move on and focus on Wednesday’ clash against Kamuzu Barracks in the 2016 Carlsberg Cup at Kamuzu Stadium.

“We just need to move on from this disappointing result and focus on our Wednesday clash against Kamuzu Barracks at home in the Carlsberg Cup. We must progress at any cost, we are the defending champions and we can’t just surrender the cup at this stage,” he concluded.

In the TNM Super League, the Nomads are 6th in the standings with 24 points and will play Mzuni FC at Kamuzu Stadium on Sunday in their final first round league match.

The Lali Lubani boys have gone 11 years without winning the championship but they are optimistic of ending the drought this season.



  1. A Madeira timu yanuyitu ikusewera Mpira wa chikwatu. Inenso kaya ndikukaika ngati simupakira Chaka chino. Mizimutu yakufulatirani. Mwinatu mupite ku Isangoma kuti ziyende.Kaya zanu izo ife ndiye ku Silver zikuyenda.Tayesetsani chifukwa enafe timakondwako mukamawina kuposa a neba wanuwa.

  2. i agree with my fellows, promote ze talented 4rm our yut team who r true nomads, mix dem with seniors den let de yut remain. we r being killed by requiring instant success.

  3. ndiye chavuta ndichani a Dan inu simukhala ndi mavuto ateam yanu palibe chovuta apa akudandaula zoona nanga akunamizeni simmene timaganizila za team yathu nanga ikadakhala kuti ili bwino bwenzi ma point tikufanana kkkkkkkk mavuto ndikonse man

  4. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk team yako yokanika iyi xory Neba, team manager wathanzeru. Asova sanati kulirako Kkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  5. Silver fc ndiyo khayo yomwe imakhulupilira kumusula player ali wang’ono, kuti awa ndi awo ku blantyere amugule modula kwambiri.

  6. In the past the success of wanderers was purely the result of the team having a vibrant youth team from where players were taken to play in the main team.Players like Holman and Kennedy Malunga,Lenzo,Thom Milanzie,George Chamangwana,Bob Mpinganjira and Albert Mpinganjira to mention but just a few came through the ranks of the youth team where the philosophy of wanderers’ football was perfectly imparted to them and it was easy for them to understand what the team and supporters expected from them.The team should take advantage of the big sponsorship money to invest in the production of players from the youth team not going about shopping rusty players from other teams let alone going beyond the boarders to bring vendors in the skin of footballers.Wamva iwe Madeira!

  7. Its not the whole team. Just imagine the first goal Chipuwa concided against Epac, very silly but see how Wadabwa and Rafik Namwera played with lions hearts. Dont go for names, go for perfomance. Chipuwa is finished!

  8. I said it yesterday that the team is just like a political party now. While other teams are recruiting young energetic players, you are recruiting recycled players or let me call them retreaded tires like Jimmy Zakazaka, Foster, Harry Nyirenda etc. Its just pure luck that Wadabwa is performing. Pano tikumva za Chiukepo. Ndiye mukudandaula chani?

  9. zako izo usoua kkkkkk uziwamenya makofi uziambira 1Amos 2 Nakamula 3 kabango 4 mulimbika 5 kaliati 6 chipoor 7 namwera 8 sanudi 9 wadabwa 10 sanudi 11 zakazaka.Zakazaka osatengako ligi iiii mpaka wakwiya nanu STEVE!!! KKKKKKKK

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