8 August 2016 Last updated at: 12:35 PM

No, he is not life President – Chiumia backtracks on Mutharika being ‘Kamuzu

It was all a mistake and President Peter Mutharika cannot be a life President, a title which was reserved for the first President of a Republican Malawi: Kamuzu Banda.

The country’s minister of sports and culture, honourable, Grace Obama Chiumia has sent an apology to the general public for declaring Mutharika the life president.

Speaking during a Mulhakho wa Alhomwe fundraising dinner in Lilongwe on Friday, the minister referred to Mutharika as the life president of Malawi.

However, Chiumia who has been condemned by different individuals and organizations for the remarks says it was just a slip of the tongue.

Grace Chiumia

Chiumia has sent an apology.

She said even the laws of the country clearly stipulates that any president has to be on the position for only two terms and not being there till death.

“I want to say that am shocked that I said so and am asking the general public to forgive me, it was just a tongue error because I even failed to realize that I said so.

“These things do happen and am not the first person to commit such a mistake and Malawians need not to take it into consideration for I have admitted that it was a mistake, it wasn’t in my plans to say so. So, am saying sorry to the president and the general public for that mistake,” apologized Chiumia.

The minister further said even pastors in the church as well commit mistakes hence under such circumstances people need to ask for the truth.

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