No, he is not life President – Chiumia backtracks on Mutharika being ‘Kamuzu


It was all a mistake and President Peter Mutharika cannot be a life President, a title which was reserved for the first President of a Republican Malawi: Kamuzu Banda.

The country’s minister of sports and culture, honourable, Grace Obama Chiumia has sent an apology to the general public for declaring Mutharika the life president.

Speaking during a Mulhakho wa Alhomwe fundraising dinner in Lilongwe on Friday, the minister referred to Mutharika as the life president of Malawi.

However, Chiumia who has been condemned by different individuals and organizations for the remarks says it was just a slip of the tongue.

Grace Chiumia

Chiumia has sent an apology.

She said even the laws of the country clearly stipulates that any president has to be on the position for only two terms and not being there till death.

“I want to say that am shocked that I said so and am asking the general public to forgive me, it was just a tongue error because I even failed to realize that I said so.

“These things do happen and am not the first person to commit such a mistake and Malawians need not to take it into consideration for I have admitted that it was a mistake, it wasn’t in my plans to say so. So, am saying sorry to the president and the general public for that mistake,” apologized Chiumia.

The minister further said even pastors in the church as well commit mistakes hence under such circumstances people need to ask for the truth.



  1. At one point they used to call her Obama, I think now she is worse than Osama. People like these don’t deserve to represent any constituency anagulitsa their souls kalekale to the highest bidder

  2. The first political Party in Nyasaland then called Malawi was founded in 1948 by an evangelical man called Levi Ziliro Mumba, from Rumphi district,
    It was called Nyasaland African Congress.
    Due to his evangelical activities he invited other political allies from Nkhata-Bay to proceed with the party activities, and they agreed to take it to Nkhata-Bay under Orton Chirwa as President of the party.
    This Party now called MCP was born in Nkhata-Bay district under the founder Orton Edger Ching’oli Chirwa and his followers as mentioned on above comments.
    This man Orton Ching’oli Chirwa was in charge of MCP with all commands and its administration activities.
    Surprisingly and shocked of his move which I call UNFORGIVABLE, he called convention that “as I’m now, I want my leadership to be taken by someone abroad England, his name is Hestings Kamunkhwala Banda”
    The whole executive of his MCP was shocked and divided, that;
    Why do you sell us to someone who we don’t know?
    Who is he?
    This man yes indeed came to Malawi in 1959 as mentioned above comment. He was given all party protocols and plans to develop Malawi from Southern, Central and Northern especially on Energy, Roads network, Education, Security and Agriculture.
    Really Hestings agreed and he went to meet his relatives in Kasungu.
    He called other natives associations of the central and southern and change the whole first programs which he was given by the Chirwa camp, and took the whole force to lead Nyasaland to abolish federation, as his first move of Dr. Banda.
    In 1963 Nyasaland was free a self colony, in 1964 Nyasaland got her independence and change it to MALAWI.
    Where were these Chirwa’ camp, Manowa Chirwa, TDBanda, Kanyama Chiumia Chipimpha Muwowo Dunduzu Chisiza and others after 1964 independence?
    They were chased out and called them rebels of the state till they were exiles.
    My plea with Nkhata-Bay people don’t repeat the same mistake ever again like the blunder of our forefathers.

  3. Your tongue will one day bring calamity. Let it be cut off to make sure that it doesn’t slip again in future. In that way you will have offered a permanent solution and apology.

  4. These words are in a long constructed sentence,”Peter Mutharika…….the life president……” this can not be a ”slip of the tongue” or mistake. She planned to say it. Why are you so selfish Madam Minister? Do you think Malawians are still down of their rights of speech? Your tongue was not slipping, you planned to say. Its a shame to your speech.. Anyway we have forgiven you!

  5. Kulibe nduna ya zamasewero munthu ameneyu amamusunga chifukwa chani wolephera ngati ameneyi amadikira kuti azawalengezere nyasizi tikuvutika ationjezereso zina shit

  6. Stupid Minister! Sindiwe Chibwezi Changanso Chatha Lero. Zoona Mpaka Kulolanso Buluzi Uja Wotchedwa Pitala Mathanyula Kunkhala Chibwezi Chako? Isaiah Piason Innocent Salamba Chikumbutso Chikafa Felix Moses Chrispine Adriano Kanyambita Khomani Numbers Chatambalala

  7. People from Nkhatabay you are a disgrace. If you look at the country’s history most politicians in authority use people from the north when coming up with bad laws and useless titles. You people you claim to be intelligent but alas you are a shame to the nation. Politicians use and dump you like condoms. Just go back to our history you will agree with me how these people who claim to be wise have mismanaged our politics.#GraceChiumiaMustResign….period

  8. iiiihhh!! Koma Ndye Waputsatu Huleyu. Umaona Ngat Anthu Angasekerere Zopusazo? Kod Dzikoli Munayamba Kulamula Ndnu Kan? Nkamwa Mwandelemo.

  9. Mmalawi Ndimuthu Osamvesesa Datx Y We R Poor,,,muthu Walakwisa En She Has Admited Kma Xmukumva Instead Yo Bzy Kumutukwana Wat Wl U Gain Eee We R Make Mistakes,,,osamaona Chisoso Chanzako Nkusiya Chako,,#truth_pains

  10. Mmalawi Ndimuthu Osamvesesa Datx Y We R Poor,,,muthu Walakwisa En She Has Admited Kma Xmukumva Instead Yo Bzy Kumutukwana Wat Wl U Gain Eee We R Make Mistakes,,,osamaona Chisoso Chanzako Nkusiya Chako,,#truth_pains

  11. why grace and your so called DPP are disgracing our northern region by endorsing this disgracing leader who is just there as a sign post who did know how lead this country but what he do is to tell people that they have to eat mbewa because of this famine which has heated.are you sure that this one can be a life president am sorry this is not the time please rethink your suggestion.

  12. I thought you are a Malawian too but you are not I think you need to pack your belongings and go because you are such a fool woman

  13. I thought you are a Malawian too but you are not I think you need to pack your belongings and go because you are such a fool woman

  14. Kapena anachoka posusidwa kumene ndi apresidentwo ndi manyongonyongo anali asanathe nde nkana amabwebweta zopusa musandichimwitse apa iyaa

  15. a mai Chiumia.anagwidwa mabele ndabwanawa.Peter,ndichifukwa anayankhula English yolakwika.ati kwachemerela.poti agwidwa mabele ndabwana.kkkkk?

  16. mungokakamila maudindo athu oti mizimu yanu inausa mumtendele kalekale mnose awili kapumeni mwakula no prezdet for life in malawi khope zokhwimazo agalu RIP

  17. Kodi why ku Malawi kuno andale like to praise mtsogoleri wa dziko ngati mulungu? kumakhala kugwilira ma udindo? You politician change your mindsets? phunzilani kulankhula chilamo pofunika kutero ngati palakwika dzudzulani moyenera Tatopa nanu kumalankhula zoduka mitu

  18. The problem is, most of the Malawians Ministers they deserves Qualifications which are not relevants with their positions{feild of work}.Munthu ali ndi Masters in Theology akupatsidwa ku khala nduna ya za Malimidwe.Kotero anthu oterewa amakhala amantha pogwira ntchito yawo.They just praises their Boss each day and each rally nothing tangible to say.Busy ma Bonanza basii

  19. mweee wuchindere na wu zeleza ndiyo vyasuzga wa Tonga, palipose basi NDIMWENIYUYU, IWE PAWULE. MUKAMUTONDESKa mUNGANYA CHIHANA KUKHALA president chifukwa cha SANJE. Pala vili pa kwino, kwaweni BASI UMOYO WAWU TINGO BASI.! Lekani kwa ngati TINGO,,,, ndimweniyuyu wu tingo wa chiumia

  20. Mmene ukumva kukoma ndalama zamisonkho ukuwona ngati nditonse?nkamwa mowolamo uziti unapanga mistake unali utalezela kapena?kodi zikoli umalitenga ngati ntundu wakwanu kuti ungachite mmene ukufunila,nkhalamba yakoyo ingakhale yamuyaya munthu watha kale akukanika ndi kulankhula komwe nde angakhale wamuyaya?kuyambila lero uziwe wamuyaya ndi MULUNGU.Dont ever speak dis nonses again

  21. I had agreat respect for this Young Lady Politician called Grace Chiumia,but since iheard this iam so ashamed to be aTonga for once.
    Leaders has to knw that they represent us wholy since their our electorate.this same constincuency has road that runs between Mzuzu and nkhata-bay whichs too important for the people in the whole North but till now that tattered road is amercy to watch.

  22. Amalawi..kumanvetsa.ndibwino.Mesa kodi..muthuyu akupepesa?………,,,ndemwat munyoze….kuwoolankamwa bas

  23. Malawians especially people from the Northern region really hurts Malawians as the whole.
    I still remember well in My father’s word that in 1971 @ Nkhata-Bay secondary play ground is when they proclaimed Dr Hestings Kamuzu Banda as Malawi’s life President. Plus Proteus names of Ngwazi and Chatonda.
    Come Bingu wa Mthalika the king Mbelwa of Mzimba gave him the same name Ngwazi, Njanje
    Who did he fough for?
    Central and Southern people of Malawi realy just named Bakili Muluzi A Chair
    History repeats itself again here, the big TA of Nkhata-Bay Kabunduli (aKaronga) was the major instrumental to endorse Kamuzu as a life president of Malawi in 1971,
    This Chiumia comes from the same TA Kabunduli to claim APM as life President, why and why you people of Nkhata-Bay pondering and destroying our custom and culture?
    Why do you over praised A leader who has not delivered to his/her promises.
    Why do you like to be taken by storms with someone who cones from abroad and want to lead Malawi?
    Why do you start a journey but you don’t finish it?
    Where is your intellectual?
    What really can remind Nkhata-Bay people about Mtalika’s deliverance to the region and Malawi?
    Gone were days you used to spoil people’s mindsets, but now! It Democratic Malawi, multiparty state as we voted for change.

    • Those same people of Nkhata-Bay distric are themselves to blame in then called Nyasaland to call Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda in 1958 to come to Nyasaland from Britain.
      He slept in a grass thatched house at KABOKO village headman Kasweswe TA Mkumbira which was surrounded by civilian guards for three days and the Fourth day is when he started to address the people.
      The Pioneers were Orton Ching’oli Chirwa, Mr. TD Banda, Mr. Changa Kaunda, expect only Mr.Manowa Chirwa was against it.
      Many Tonga people were forced to follow him and till the District commissioner of then Nyasaland Protectorate at Nkhata Bay boma called Brooke, heard about the news, and send his soldiers to capture Banda and his Pioneers and locked them inside a ship called Chancy Maples
      The followers started mob chanting flee our Messiah, our leader willing to torch the ship and is when this British commissioner ordered a state of emergency killing hundreds of local civilians at those two Railway Houses near Nkhata-Bay Jetty, on 3rd March1959 they were buried in mass grave next to Nkhata-Bay Police Prison.
      Where are all those Pioneers who called Banda to guide them today?
      Orton Chirwa died like dog in Prison, TD Banda and Changa Kaunda were also brutally killed by the same Dr. Banda agents.
      What reminds me are Nkhata-Bay people taming themselves champions of interrogation in succeeding the whole Malawians as champions of revolution, but ending like mouses in the hole den.
      This Chiumia follows the same path souring Malawian, to name someone as life president as now Malawi constitution doesn’t allow so, why does she has much powers to insult the constitution of the republic?
      Fellow Malawians visit where this woman comes from and observe what she and her boss Mtalika delivered to the rural people.
      Nkhata-Bay is the poorest district in Malawi compared to other district, Nkhata-Bay has got only one tarred road starting from Dwangwa to Mzuzu Mall called M5,
      Shame on poor Nkhata-Bayans.

    • She is full of shit maybe poti a kuoneka kuti zilonda Za ku maso zathu maybe wathesa ndi Peter that’s why akumutama.

  24. In malawi it shal never b any life presdent bcos of democracy n desentralisation n to me im just wish peter muthalika must get out of presdent bcoz in malawi charenges ar worse like zimbabwe

    • end this guy is full of sheet zoti ufulu umene akudyerelawu thawi imene makolo athu amavutika kuti zithu zisithe iyeyo kudalibeko koma pano ali ndi thawi yongolakhula zithu zopanda zeru

  25. Aaa ! Iwenso ndi Mbuzi eeti, apepesapo chani ? Mzimai ameneyu Sure ndi odwala pamutu pache sipagwira ntchito komanso Amalawi 24 ndi azitsiru angolemba ndi zopusa zomwe , Fuck off !!!!

  26. Inu Kumalawi anakwanilitsa u life President ndi bingu anafela pampando nde mai yu akunena kuti uyunso afela pompa..kamuzu zinamukanika

  27. Pala lizamuvota nibanja lakwa chiumia pela malawi yose mbwe ni nadi kweni pala yayi phepani ankhazi lyelanipothu zau ministala izo

  28. I cant put much blame on this shameless minister,may be she thought that if the peter is life president,then she will be a life minister.

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