Gwamba, BFB energise University of Malawi students


Malawi’s rap wizards Gwamba and Black Falcon Bird (BFB) continue to comfort the wailing hearts of University of Malawi (UNIMA) students in a way that has proved to be effective.

Both blessed with a gift of the third eye that enables them to see beyond ordinary limits, the Lilongwe based duo spat the word of hope long before the UNIMA saga transpired.


The passage of time has not deprived the word of its strength in anyway, let alone providing the students with solutions on the fees hike situation that has rocked public Universities.

Gwamba has since switching to gospel given hope to less privileged souls that do not have financial pillars to sustain their tertiary education. He packed sentences that are rich in hope on only two words, “zizakhala better.”

“Uli ndi Nzeru koma ukusowa Ndalama, kulembera ma college onse akukana, makolo anapita koma uli ndi a ziphwako, upanga bwanji onse ali mmanja mwako,” raps Gwamba

His message to all varsity students and those longing to walk through the corridors of public institutions of higher learning is simple and straightforward, their situation will be better as long as God is with them.

The rise in tuition fees in the UNIMA has left most students on the verge of withdrawing on financial grounds.

High poverty levels in Malawi have forced many to give up hope of university education but those already in the system just cannot help but act for a favourable situation.

BFB observes what happens in the society, giving special attention to suppression of the youth by the big shots.

Blasto and BFB release Pasopa with Jabba HHP
BFB join the debate.

He cries for attention to their grievances but if that fails, only the streets can be a platform for their voices to be heard.

“All the screams from the youth are falling on deaf ears, we breathe your teargas eyes are burning, we crying invisible tears,” raps BFB in Pasopa.

In line with this, University students swallowed their fears and took to the streets in protest against the fee hike. The protest continues off the streets through different platforms until their grievances are addressed.

BFB also talks about the selfishness of politicians who demand high payments when all they can give is a word that is short of action.

BFB went prophetic in Pasopa as most of what he said have come to pass and it is by this message that students continue to fight.



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