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Zambians searching for Malawi’s Chibade

Thomas Chibade might have sunk into oblivion on the Malawi music scene but his name still rings a bell in the neighbouring Zambia.

thom chibade

Chibade: wanted in Zambia

The local flavour artist stole the show in 2005 with his debut album, Zatukusira, which accommodates his hit song called Mawu anga. He went on to be among the bestselling local artists in that year before vanishing a few years later after his second album.

While most Malawians do not recall Chibade and his works, Zambians have all the reasons to trace him. The neighbours are eager to learn as to where the Mawu Anga singer is and what he is doing. It is clearly evident that they like Chibade’s music that all they wait for is new music from him.

Kelvin Chipeta from Zambia is just one of those in search for answers on the singer’s prolonged missing from the scene. He claims to like Chibade’s music and would like to get updated on the matter.

“I am from Zambia, where is Thomas Chibade? He has been quite for too long, what is happening to him? Update me about him, we love his music here,” said Chipeta.

In as much as Malawians would have loved to have answers concerning the singer’s current status in music, time has not been kind enough to Chibade whose prospect of making it back into the spotlight is very minimal. He has tried to release songs but the long lost love for his music among Malawians has moved him closer to anonymity.

Other Malawian artists known in Zambia for their great music are Soldier Lucius Banda and Skeffa Chimoto.

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