Silver Strikers slaughtered at Chitowe


Silver Strikers’ hopes of finishing the first round at the top of the summit in the top flight suffered a massive blow following their 3-nil defeat away to Mafco on Sunday afternoon at Chitowe Stadium.

A lone goal from talisman Richard Mbulu and Stainley Malata’s brace ensured all the three points for the Salima based Soldiers who are now third in the standings with 28 points.


Mafco: have beaten Silver

The Bankers needed a victory in Sunday’s game to cement their place at the top but they rarely looked like breaking down the visitors’ defence, while their own backline appeared vulnerable.

The hosts attacked with intent as Yohane Malunga, Saidi Mtekama and Joseph Dossa pressed harder in the opening minutes in search for goals but the Central Bankers survived the scare as Brighton Munthali made some stunning saves to frustrate the Soldiers who were coming from a 3-2 defeat to rookies Max Bullets last week.

However, Mbulu was not to be denied again as he made a cool finish from Dossa’s low-cross drive into the penalty, 1-0.

Things got worse for the league leaders in the second half as Malata scored a brace within two minutes to completely dash their hopes of coming back into a game they needed a victory most.

While Mafco’s defence was a solid and well-organised unit – given further protection by Malunga in the midfield – Silver Strikers’ looked nervy whenever the hosts came forward.

Malata was left unmarked when he headed in the second before completing his brace a minute later.

The area 47 giants were no match to Mafco’s pace and anger for goals as Mbulu continued to trouble the visitors but was unlucky not to add more goals to his name and after 90 minutes of play, 3-nil it ended.

The result sees Silver Strikers finishing the first round with 29 points and they will now have to wait for Blue Eagles’ result on Wednesday against Wizards FC to know whether they have finished top of the standings or not for the K1 million prize.

As for Mafco, they have finished the first round on 3rd position with 28 points



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  7. silver si team amangoona kuyerekedwa o the best mafco, am a bullet fan koma ndimanena chilungamo & ndizovuta ngati bullets ingateteze legue 0 the best to blue eagles nsanje ndilibe thanks

    • Ukhale nayo nthawi yowelenga ma points ako, uwone ngati mungafikile pa silver fc, ngakhale mutamaliza ma game ose ndi kupambana koma pa silver fc mukunama simungafikepo

  8. Koma funso ndilakuti Silver simaona zomwe BULLETS imapanga??? game ikavuta ndi draw ikavutisisa ndi 1-0 koma mpakana 1,2,3???????? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ref anali panja pa ground kuti simukanamuuza kuti game athese ili pa 2-0??????? Kkkkkkkkkkkk wa Silver iweeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

    • Uyu ndiye kape of the year the great, pompa akukuuza azako kuti mpira ndichoncho iwe kamutuka gwaaa. Bwanji idakukwapulani kalonga united???

    • Kkkkk ndifunsile Alick, lelo ndiye ukuti mpila ndichomcho mwadziwa liti? Dzulo mutaigwela zolozolo mumapeleka chenjezo kwa Mafco.Iwenso ndiye kape of the year ndiwe wa silver koma busy ndi chisikafu cha Argentinachi bwanji?

    • Bullets simenyedwa mopangisa manyazi chonchi mpakana 3-0??????.The big idiots are those who have beaten buy 3 goals to duuuuuuu ndiye mmapita kukatani ku Dwangwako ????kkkkkkkkkkk.Ndimanena ine Silver siyampira iyi koma Nyau basi.Inu muzingozola phulusalo basi limakukhalani koooopsyaaaaaa.#Ngaliba iwe not #Kaliba.Ana ang’ono kumachita matama kkkkkkkkk mmmayenda mphepete mwakomana ndi jombo lelo aphwanga kkkkkkkkkkk

  9. Mafco ndi team of this season pazomwe yapanga zulo ndi lelo, ndi pa Bullets pokha pomwe Mafco imapeleka ulemu koma manyaka enawa ndiye amakuzulidwa mosamveledwa chisoni kkkkkkkkkkk

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