5 August 2016 Last updated at: 4:01 PM

Mob justice rages on in Malawi: Suspected thief hacked!

A mob in Mzimba district has hacked to death a thief who was targeting houses where the husbands are living in South Africa According to a resident, the thief was beaten to death at Jenda where – together with four other thieves – he has been terrorising residents but always escaped arrest.

It is said the thieves were targeting houses of people who are living outside Malawi such as South Africa.

crime (2)On Tuesday the thieves tried to break into the house of one of the villagers around Ehehleni area, 10Km north of Jenda.

The villager texted a community policing member who rushed to the house together with other members and arrested one of the five suspects.

The community policing members and other villagers asked the suspect to name the others who had run away from the scene. After they tortured him, the suspect revealed their names.

He then led the mob to a warehouse at Jenda Trading centre where the thieves keep their loot. At the warehouse they found the other four suspects and loads of goods believed to have been stolen from people around the area.

One of the suspects tried to escape but the mob apprehended him and hacked him until he died.

The angry group also beat up another suspect and he is battling for his life at Mzimba district hospital.

The other three suspects were taken to Champhira police station where they are locked up. Police are yet to make any arrests over the killing.

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