Dan Lu to release duet with Flavour ‘soon’


A music project involving Malawi’s afro pop star Dan Lufani and his Nigerian counterpart, Flavour is only awaiting release having been finalised.

The Malawian boy flew to Nigeria last year for two separate music collaborations with that country’s musicians, Kcee and Flavour.

Since his return, Malawians have had the pleasure of enjoying only one of the songs he did with the Nigerian artists, Sweet Banana featuring Kcee.

But Lufani told a local radio station yesterday that his song which features Flavour was long finished only that they have been busy.

Dan Lu

Dan Lu has a big project in the offing.

He assured his fans that it is going to be released anytime therefore all they have to do is be on the lookout. According to the Sorry hit-maker, both the audio and video have been finalised.

In this regard it will be a double release of the audio and visuals which is hardly the case with Malawian artists.

With Sweet Banana making noise in the local media and during ceremonies celebrations, it has taken the artist behind the magic to another level.

He has now established himself as one of Malawi’s afro pop kingpins with an international recognition.

Currently in the process of establishing his own studio, Dan Lu as he is known in music circles has signed some up and coming musicians under his record label. One of the signed artists is female gospel musician Emmie Kamkweche.



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