There are no Police Officers here – Machinga NGO 


Shortage of Malawi police officers and judicial services are affecting the fight against sexual abuse and other crimes in Machinga district, a local youth organisation has said.

The organisation, Youth Responsible for Change, made the remarks at a roundtable discussion.

The discussion was organised with the aim of finding solutions to the challenges which people in the area are facing. According to chiefs in the area, only eight police officers serve the community of 21,000 people and the court in Nayuchi only sits once a month in the area.


Police wanted in Machinga (Library)

In his remarks, Executive Director for Youth Responsible for Social Change Lameck Kiyale said people are facing the challenges due to lack of judicial involvement on the issues.

Kiyale said there is need for a full time working court which can also handle cases involving gender based violence, sexual abuse and crimes against people with albinism.

“We should have police officers in our area so that issues of gender based violence and issues of abduction of people with albinism should become news of the past,” he explained.

He added that the presence of the police and the judiciary will give many people courage to report cases of the crimes.



  1. Guys pali munthu winawake koma ndi ophunzila bwino kwambiili koma alive mwendo umozi amati akufuna nchito ya police kapena usilikali ndiye ikapezeka ndiuzeni

  2. Each Minister has two or more!and thousands stand on the road and follow the President everywhere!like anybody would bother to harm them!waste of space!

  3. Go to palace & see hw many are there..ngati ntchentche patotentha but luk at poor us…left insecured yet u need taxes from us..Police protects thugs not true Malawians full stop!

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