Mtawali in court! Sues Malawi’s FA president Walter


Ex Malawi National football team, coach Ernest Mtawali is in court, and this time he has sued Football Association of Malawi (FAM) President Walter Nyamilandu and others for defamation, Malawi24 can confirm.

Mtawali who was fired two months ago, has also sued Technical Subcommittee Chairperson James Mwenda on a similar case.

Mtawali is claiming damages for libel and slander, according to summons that have been filed to the Blantyre High Court through his lawyers, Ritz Attorney at Law.

Ernest Mtawali

Ernest Mtawali says his reputation has been tarnished.

He has sued the two in what was said about him following his firing.

Mtawali says that Mwenda who is the first defendant, told the media false issues about him.

Mwenda was quoted as having said that the mentor ’employed wrong game plans/tactic and alleged biased selection of players and failure to submit technical reports and review matches as well as sidelining his deputy and technical panel members.’

It was also said that his then deputy, Nsazuwrimo Ramadhan who now replaced him was not  given a chance to have a ‘say’ on the selection of players, he was not allowed to take part during the team’s training sessions and was not allowed to give his input on the first 11 for the team during matches.

Mtawali says that the media entries about his sacking and the sentiments that FAM made have tarnished his career, reputation and that this has brought him into public scandal, odium and contempt.

James Mwenda

James Mwenda sued for his remarks on Mtawali.

It was after this that the FA’s committee then advised FAM not to renew Mtawali and his deputy’s contracts once they expire on 31st July next month.

The sub-committee resolved to appoint Ramadhan as a care-taker coach and will only be considered if he delivers for the team.

Since taking over from his predecessor, Mtawali only managed to register five wins from 14 games and is yet to register a win in the on-going 2017 African Cup of Nations qualifiers.

Mtawali was appointed on 1 August 2015 for a one year contract to be the Malawi Coach.

He took over from Young Chimodzi who was sacked in June, 2015, following the Flames’ 2-1 home loss to Zimbabwe in a 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

Mtawali had been charged with putting the Flames’ 2017 Africa Cup of Nations Cup qualifiers campaign back on track and ensuring progress in the preliminary round qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. He failed to do both.



  1. Adachita bwino kumuchotsa Mtawali coz a Malawi tiwayembekeze kuwina. And amjpangaso nkhaza posampanga involve wächiwiri wake pa zakasankhidwe ka ma player. Akutayanso nthawi ndipo alunzanso ndalawj. Bwanji osangovomereza kut sadachite bwino

  2. Mtawali just start growing your dread-locks again to reedem your lnteligence.Nzeru zanu ndi mphavu zanu zinatha mutameta tsitsi lanu ngati Samson.

  3. Now you getting us all perturbed Mr former Coach, it is more like an abyss shame telling people of your reputation as if we dont know anything of it… We’ve seen it and thank you for your time and all the embarrassment.

  4. Enerst looked better in his dreadlocks hairstyle while playing with ajax Cape Town. And the mansion he bult in chilomoni was indeed massive. But there after I didn’t follow coz soccer is not my favourite sport.

  5. Mtawali will have to prove that what was said about him was untrue and that whoever published it and received it had no corresponding interest. What is his reputation that has been destroyed? Did he perform as a Coach for Flames?

  6. uyu amalawi mkut water walter madziwa ndwolephera coz nd amene akanampangra oganise couch kt tiziyitana algeria kma mafco mapeto ake taluza couch mitu yanu ikuluikulu yopanda zeru akuba kwambr walter

  7. well done Mtawali, don’t let them treat you like garbage, it isn’t totally your fault that those chaps known as flames just don’t know how to use their feet well on the field, even if they hire a coach from Jupiter but as far as those players remain, nothing will change!

  8. Amalawi Anthu Opanda Chikondi Mumakondwa Ena Akamavutika Macomment Mukupanga Apawa Akungoonetseratu Kuti Simukonda Anthu Ovutika. Kodi Ntawali Amawatuma Maplayer Kuti Azikaluza???? Kodi Player Angasewere Mpira Mozipereka Pamene Kunyumba Kwake Kulibe Chakudya??? Tiyeni Tiziganiza Tikafuna Kunyoza Ena

  9. Apatu pali ndale Mtawali and Nyamilandu ndipaubale (ONSE ARE ALL FROM THE NORTH) Ana abwenu tsopano akufuna kubela Malawi kkkkkkkkkk ife aku Chilomoni timadya nayeeeeeee!

  10. Mmmm ! I have no any question and comment on this, because I can see the majority are busy talking Rubbish to E. Mtawali 4goten that they were together yesterday. I wish you all the best Mr Mtawali, God is with you , do not be afraid .

  11. I’M lucky because I even forgot there’s a national team named world national teams kuti ukaipezepo Malawiyo,kkkkkkkk mpaka uchoka utakhumudwa.

  12. I’M lucky because I even forgot there’s a national team named world national teams kuti ukaipezepo Malawiyo,kkkkkkkk mpaka uchoka utakhumudwa.

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  15. I’ll also sue this clown of a coach for subjecting Malawians to ridicule, agony, embarrasment, above all possibilities of cardiac arrest becoz of his cluelessness.