Malawi Police increase reward for capture of Njauju killers


Malawi Police have increased the reward for information leading to the arrest of people who killed Anti-Corruption Bureau senior official Issa Njauju.

Issa Njauju

Issa Njauju; Was mercilessly killed.

According to National Police Spokesperson Nicolas Gondwa, the K1.5 million that was put aside as reward money for help in solving the murder has now risen to K2 million.

“We therefore continue asking Malawians that whosoever has information that can assist in solving this gruesome murder case should come forward and pass such information to us. The information can be passed through phone calls, by writing or coming in person to any police station of one’s choice.

“Any information that will be received will be handled with strict confidentiality and in a professional manner. Be reminded that investigations into this murder case are still going on and this is the more reason why Malawians are encouraged to take part,” said Gondwa.

Njauju was murdered in July last year by unknown assailants and his body was discovered half buried by sand miners along a river near Presidential Villas. His official vehicle, a Toyota Hilux double cabin pick-up, was found burnt to ashes.



  1. Ngat wina adapezeka ndi Phone yamunthu wophedwa, ameneyo ndiye akudziwa zakuphedwa kwa a Njaunju. Musatipusitsepo apa kut tiziti mwalimbikitsa ntchito yofufuza, chilungamo mukuchidziwa? Ndi umboni wotani umene mukufuna kupambana kupezeka ndi chinthu chamunthu ophedwa…????
    Don’t blindfold us..!!!!

  2. How can police handle information professionally after failing to track the thugs professionally? 50% of the arrested suspects are police officers & are on bale while the other 50% is stil in custody. this simply implies mps is behind the scene.

  3. then we gather & u say lets pray 4blessings 4Malawi…Malawi is so stink…wolves in suits & uniforms…!..Curses on Malawi until u i mean u…u knw wat u did…u can guard 2the left,right but the sky remains guarded by the most one..!

  4. Apolice inu mukuziwa kenakake koma adakakhala oba mbuzi mutamugwira kale mulibe chilungano musamagwire ntchito ngati a chipani

    e chilungamo mwainu

  5. Why the reward? Whats your job? Why should we do your work? Go and find the Killer of Njauju its your job, why do you get paid? There is something FISHY happening underground, why now after two solid years have gone by. WHY ?

  6. ine olo nditapeza mwayi kuti ndikuwadziwa sindingaulure chifukwa zimenez ndimadziwa ndalamayo sipelekedwa chomwe amachita a police amayamba kufufuza iweyo wapeleka information kuti unadziwa bwanji amakumangilani limodz ndianthu watchulawo ndipo mwamwayiso akafufuza amatha kuwatulusa aja unawatchula aja koma iweyo amakusungabe kuti ukudziwapo kanthu ndipo ndilumbile ine olo nditaona munthu akupha mzake ndiye police yalonjeza kupeleka ndalama kwa munthu ali ndiumboni ineyo sindingachite kuulura kulibwino azifufuza okha a police….kumeneko ndikuuziika m’mavuto ngati ali mavuto andalama kazingochita biznes koma zoyembekera police kuti ingakupatse ndalama ungozimangitsapo wabule….

  7. Police ikufuna kuwaphimba maso amalawi.Ndalamazo idyani nokha,osamatipusitsa apa ayi.Chilungamo mukuchidziwa,ndipo chizadziwika boma lina likadzalowapo.Ndipo sazachedwaso ayi,one week,two weeks azadziwika ,osati mbwelera mukuchita apazi.Nonsense.

  8. This is nosense! How do u put a reward when there is too much evidence which can lead to the arrest of the killers! You just want to make the citizens believe that you are doing something on the issue when in actual sense you want it to die a natural death like that of Chasowa case. What you forget is that we are all in transit, this world is not our home, we are likely to meet the ultimate judge (God) and these evil decisions you make will qualify you as candidates of hell! Both heaven and hell are real and your actions will qualify u for the latter! All the best u heartless people!

  9. Ask yoyr boss he knows the killers of Njauju, Matafale, Chasowa, Bughdada and others. Bingu is paying the price for Chasowas murder right now

  10. Ask Peter he knows the killers of Njauju, Matafale, Chasowa, Bughdada and others. Bingu is paying the price for Chasowas murder right now

  11. Ask Peter he knows the killers and he knows why they killed him. Bingu is paying the price for Chasowa”s murder right now

  12. As far as i know, Mr Njauju,s killers were found. Which evidence do u want? munthu kupezeka ndi ma phone amunthu ophedwa is that not evidence? Musandichimwitse mwava? Mxiew

  13. Why do you want to reward someone who can tell you the one who kill only one person but many Albinos have been killed the whole country was angry with you didn’t do nothing up to now but this wicked corruption people then you stand with lot’s of pledges nonsese he died bury him wait for another death of so called the official.

  14. U hv all the evidence at hand: the one u found with Njaunju’s phone,the other police officer. What other evidence are u lukin for? And one may tend to worry what role does the whole Investigation Dept play? Kkkkkk

  15. We are being murdered during broad daylight; we are being blindfolded each & every passing day. I doubt if thousands of well-trained police officers can fail to trace the whereabouts of handful ordinary persons who slain innocent Njauju. Should we literally conclude that our professional officers have failed to execute their duty of protecting life of Malawians? Kodi nanga nkhani ija wapolisi waku area30 ‘Naphiyo’ anamangidwa atanena yekha kuti akudziwa anthu anapha Njauju ili pati? Tiuzeni zoona osamatipusitsa a Malawi!

  16. That means we do not have Police in malawi, we only have criminals supporting the current regime to murder innocent malawians who represents the country hounably. Malawi is a failed state now, zizaululika its just a matter of time

  17. Chasowa’s investigators coming from abroad, Njauju’s informants dollars increased. Confused police service and its govt.

    • Mwazi Wa Anjauju Ndi Oopsya U Kild Him Ndiye Maina Atuluka A Cashgate Munthu Munapha Mulungu Sakusiyani Samakonda Ziphuphu Ameneuja Shame On U Akupha Inu. Lanu Dzenje Likudikira Inu.

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