Malawi Police brutality: Number of victimized Chanco students reaches 27


The number of students who got victimized in last month’s Chancellor College demonstrations has reached 27 but student leaders say the number will rise by this coming weekend.

Police stormed the college during the protests.
Police stormed the college during the protests.

This follows a video released soon after the protests in which police officers were captured brutally torturing two innocent girls who were exercising their right of demonstrating against fees hike.

According to the institution’s student union president, Sylvester Ayuba James, it is not only the two girls who got victimized arguing that many met the fate.

James said they are currently on a campaign of establishing the exact number of students who got tortured by the police as they were protesting against fees hike.

“We are registering the names and we would have finished but we met some challenges because every one of us is at one’s home and it was difficult to communicate. “So far 27 students have registered with evidence of how they got tortured but the exact number will be known this coming weekend,” said Ayuba James.

He added that he is hoping that the students will be helped accordingly considering that this is an issue concerning human rights and whenever someone’s rights have been broken, justice need to be seen.

He further said he is sure that all will be good with the coming in of the Malawi Law Society on the development saying MLS knows more what to do under such developments.

Malawi Police viciously beat university students
Malawi Police Officers beat up Girls at Chancellor College

Meanwhile, some Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have backed the students’ call for government to reverse its decision of hiking the fees in the public universities.

The organisations, Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC), Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC), and NGO Coalition Child Rights, say there is no need of hiking the fees considering the hard economic situation in the country.

The CSOs have also demanded that government should first hike the salaries of all civil servants before hiking the fees.




  1. Malawi is poor country and its very small. but it acts lyk southafrica. shame on you mother fuckers

  2. Kulamula vumbwe nkulinga uli ndi nkhuku .sugenda ku police chamba chili muthumba . Or atakwana ana 100 nothing wil happen boma ndi boma

  3. for all of you who are on the view that students are to blame it is coz you don’t know how things went on. I am not pleading with you but am telling you the reality that police is empowered to deal with mayhem and not any sort of demonst. I am not one of doz students who demonstrated, but I am on their side. This fee hike is a national issue. Even mapwilisa ofoilawo akhudzidwa nawo. The problem with the police is that when they hear that people are demonstrating what comes into their mind is violence, yet people can demonstrate smartly. Amachoncho guys apolisi inu. Kumafufuza kaye, what kind of demons is there and what kind of reaction should we take. Zikatero bon bon. Apolice Wycliff amagendedwa coz amangofika ndi phuma pamalo yet they can peacefully demonstrate with students for the issue in question. Aaaaa Kakopola shaaaa.

  4. police don’t have stones in their armouries to retaliate with when u are throwing same at them and again their training didn’t equip them in using stones when it comes to violent demos but teargas and guns when applicable, if u are not believing in wat am saying mupite ku police mukapemphe akuonetseni kosungira zida zawo ngati mukapezeko miyala yoti adzikubwezelerani mukamawagenda..human rights goes in tandem with responsibility,,check out how British, American police acts when it come to violence then u compare..,.

    1. Mundipempherekoso kuti akamaliza kupeleka list ya anthu ophunzirawo apiteso akalembe omwe anasokonezedwa siku limelija n aphunzirawo apo ndiye zkhala bwino

  5. Ndimakape apolisiwa bwanj,,,,athira bwanj utsi kwaa anthu a special needs ana akupanga sit in,,,,ndiposo apolis zikuwakhudza pat za fee hike? Ngatiso angalipire apa atakhala ndimwana wawo konko?,,,,,muzibwerabe tizisewera mafana,,,ndiposo azibwera asilikali enieni,,,,, Chanco ndiifeyo, enanu osamazipopa makapee.

  6. If you are Violent Damaging Peoples’ Hard Earned Property….to me Brutallity Doesnt Apply Here.Bravo Bravo Police.No matter how u can twist the facts like defenceless student if they knew about about what is about to happen they could have avoided it by simply going home in advance sticking arount meant they are taking part.simple.My days at UNIMA i used rational thinking not Zachiguluguluzi then start begging for public sympathy when you also damaged other peoples’ properties

  7. zamkutu zaziii mpaka lero smudzwabe ntchto ya police ndpo sanat mkachtaso awonjezera pamenepo salemaso ayi coz ndntchto yao,kuba 2 much mkayamba zanuzo mmatbwzereresa pambuyo tma bznez ta2t,nkhaza bas zmandpweteka nd kakhalidwe kanu konunkhaka


  9. Police!! open FIRE!! On those criminals please,they just wanna disturbalize the peace in this great nationThey are being used by MCP,as puppets!! kill them all in cold blood!

    1. Ubereke mwana wako and azapangidwe zomwe ukunenazo. Stupid. MCP ndi kachani kwa mwana waku Chanco. U think ana a Chanco timayifira chipani chauvecho

    2. Zauchitsiru ukuthoka apazo,,,azibwera apolisi akowo,,,tiziaang’amba ndi malegeni! Anauza ndan kut athire teargas ana akupanga sit in,,,,,,muauzeso azibweretsa asilikali osat apolisi

  10. It is mental poverty that detour our reasoning, forcing us to deal with issues indirectly yet we actually know the real button to punch. Police was teargassing rooms for special needs students, is that fair. Anatentha ma room, beating innocent ladies, then u are sholdering the blame on students. I thought demonstration is a right. Police z meant for peace and order observance and not beating. Akalakwa munthu timati oganiziridwa until the court rules with close reference to the constition. Osati kumangofafanthapo ana. What’s v responsibility if the government isn’t responsible for its citizens?? Boma ili ndadana nalo Bingu ause ndimtendere. He loved us.

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  12. people in ths country have negative atituds towards Police. koma chimandisangalasa even those ant-police akaonekeledwa amathamangira komweko yet akt thy r nt profesionals. kod ma demo ngat afika potseka sewu can we say its peacfull demos? prease mr presdent help our country feez must fall

  13. Get-out!!!,Bring something new,..Tired of Listerning to this shit about Chanco….,,,Anawo akamagenda apolice..ndi kuphwananya zinthu…u call t Dancing!!,.KOMA…Apolice..akakupatsani ma Kofi..muziti ndi Brutality–?……….I begg u..Malawi police next tym..use Gun…like wat American..police Are Douing..shoot to die……….,,,,Coz..Malawians..nowdays they hav bad-mind ndidziko lawo…,Sakulikonda…for pollitical reasons/tribe/ Religion.. I dont knw…….,,we well knwn with Peace…but Malawian Demostration..held by violence always.,started by.both Demostrators and dont point each other fingers….OTHER WISE FEES MUST FALL…PEACEFULLY!!!

  14. The duty of the police is not to make captives the citizens of our country. These people are violating the rights of Malawians. The laws of our nation are very plain about someone demonstrating. Anthu ena amayamba kuononga katundu chifukwa cha zipolowe zomwe most of the times amayambitsa ndi apolice amene. Ndiye mwavulaza anthu amene akufuna nawo adyerere ufulu wadziko lathu lino. Muona polekera coz sitikusiyani mpaka lamulo nalo ligwire ntchito pa inu. Mukamakakumana ndi a President mawa guys mukaitulutse nkhani imeneyi isathere mmalere. Apolisiwa satha kusiyanitsa pamsewu ndi pasukulu. Let’s join hands mpaka tithane nawo angadzazolowere nkhanza zachabezo. Fees #must fall down

    1. Muziyendako amwene mayiko enawa even omwewa otizungulila omwewa muziwona mene zmakhalila.osamangoti ufulu ufulu.ine apolice sindingawayikile kumbuyo koma pamene palakwika amayenela agwile ntchito basi.

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